5 Ways You Can Stand Out In A Crowded Market With Precision Marketing


In today’s crowded market space, creating a competitive advantage can be a challenge for many organisations.
Digitalisation has become the new norm and businesses that don’t adopt new strategies will be left behind.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Stand Out In A Crowded Market With Precision Marketing:

1. Personalise Your Content

Debbie Rymer, Chief Marketing Officer at Zymplify, explained: “In the last 18 months, digital transformation in the marketing industry has fast-forwarded at least seven years. We know everyone leaves a digital footprint, whether they want to or not.
“That footprint can be used to ensure your marketing is targeted to their exact needs at the right time.”
This rapid digital transformation means customers are becoming savvier when it comes to the marketing communications they receive and the content they consume. To cut through the noise, and stand out in a crowded market place your organisation must create content that is relevant and tailored to the customer.
Mass communication strategies, while still drawing in customers, will severely limit your potential. Customers want a seamless experience from the moment they first get in touch with your business and expect to be shown products and services that are relevant to their interests, goals, and problems.
To serve your customers the right content at the right time of their customer journey marketers must rely on data. The more up-to-date information you can access, the better you can tailor your campaign and maximise your customer engagement.
This however is not the case for many businesses. The big reset: Data-driven marketing in the next normal, McKinsey’s insight report aptly describes the issues with leveraging data available to organisations: “Rather than using the data to try to better target customers and tailor messages, many marketers have reverted to mass communications and promotions.”
In Zymplify, the first precision marketing, and sales platform, users can access verified, up-to-date data on online customer behaviour that can feed into your marketing and sales processes and help you create personalised content.

2. Retain Satisfied Customers

After you went to all the hard work to build up your customer base you wouldn’t want to ruin it by bombarding them with non-stop irrelevant marketing messages.
Every marketer knows that a satisfied customer costs less to maintain than investing in a new one, so focusing on customer satisfaction still remains a crucial part of marketing strategy.
Precision marketing helps you avoid overloading your customers with unnecessary content. Once you have optimized your personas and defined your segments, you can focus on creating content that directly addresses each segment’s specific needs.
Combined with on-demand data to help you keep track of the success of your campaigns, and analyse how each piece of your strategy resonates with your customers in real-time you can proactively address your customers’ needs and enhance customer satisfaction.

3. Speed Up Lead Generation

In precision marketing, access to up-to-date, real-time data means more efficient decision making, less budget wastage, and quicker lead generation.
Examining your target audience’s online behaviour you can find leads that are actively interacting with your industry and may be interested in purchasing your product or service.
With user intent data, you can easily sift through prospects and highlight the ones that are ready to purchase.
To remain competitive in the crowded market, it’s crucial for your organisation to identify prospective leads at an early stage.
Tracking prospect engagement with competitors, industry topics, or certain keywords, Zymplify’s integration with industry-leading data sites gives you access to over 20m intent signals. Identifying hot leads earlier in the process means less time wasted on chasing cold leads, saving your organisation time and money.

4. Build Customer Loyalty

Precision marketing simply drills down into the granular level of detail required to enable teams to directly target the right people at the right time with their content.
Before you begin your precision marketing content strategy, you must ensure you have established your brand guidelines, tone of voice, and style. Every interaction your organisation has with your target audience must reinforce your brand image.
To ensure customer loyalty, you need to ensure your prospects are seeing your brand as it should be from day one. Having a consistent brand will nurture long-term loyalty, recognisability and seamlessly draw your prospect into your funnel.

5. Adopt A Multi-Channel Approach

Using multi-channel campaigns to drive engagement is not a new phenomenon, businesses have been running omnichannel campaigns for the best part of the last two decades.
The 2020 Omnichannel Statistics Report found that businesses that use omnichannel for at least one campaign increase their purchase rate by 287% compared to those only using single-channel campaigns.
However, to stand out of the crowd, and succeed with omnichannel marketing you need to create and drive multi-channel campaigns, attract new business opportunities from multiple platforms and online sources your prospects look for you through.
Through the integrations with industry-leading data platforms, Zymplify gives you access to in-depth, real-time data, complete with 16 touchpoints of the customers’ journey on a single platform.

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