5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working


Your marketing department is all abuzz with excitement to launch the campaign that they have planned, strategised, and worked endless hours on, only to find that it is not performing as well as they have hoped.

Each segment of your market has different needs and wants, so for a successful campaign you need to target them accordingly. The varying stages of the buyer’s journey also play an important role in planning and creating specific marketing content to effectively move them forward in the sales funnel.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working:

1. Your strategy lacks collaboration

Creating marketing strategies involves several people within your organisation which means every stage of the process must be coordinated to deliver a successful campaign. Each and every member working on the project must have access to the same resources and follow the same guidelines throughout the campaign to allow for cohesive messaging.

Collaboration between departments and teams can get tedious, resulting in delayed timelines and bottlenecking information along the way.

Nurturing a collaborative, rather than a competitive relationship between departments allows your teams to work together and develop successful campaigns that convert your target audience into purchasing customers.

2. You don’t understand your audience

Because of the different needs and wants of your market segment, you must target them with highly specific content.
Generating content without knowing exactly who you are creating them for and why is one of the biggest marketing mistakes you can do.
Creating in-depth personas, complete with their interests, pain points, and preferences makes it easier to tailor your marketing efforts.

You must ensure that this semi-fictitious representation of your ideal customer includes their interests, likes, and dislikes, challenges, habits, purchasing behaviours, and pain points.

3. Your messaging is not right

Your buyers are bombarded with content and marketing messages from multiple devices via several platforms every single day. To ensure your content stands out and grabs their attention, it needs to be highly relevant to their needs.
Marketing professionals understand the importance of knowing what exactly their audience is looking for and marketing departments need to create tailored content that corresponds with that.
Precision data can provide you with the right information to know exactly what platforms your target audience is frequenting at a given time and exactly what type of content they consume, what they are looking for, and the type of content they are most likely to engage with.

4. Your timing is off

Even if you have your persona specified and your messaging tailored, if your timing is not right, your marketing campaign will likely fail to hit your targets. To understand when it is the right time to contact your prospects must understand your buyers’ purchasing journeys.
Focusing on buyer intent data, allows you to determine exactly where leads are within the sales funnel and can help you serve them with exactly the right information, in the right content, at the right time.

5. Your Data Is letting you down

Successful marketing campaigns are built on good quality data. Without proper data collection methods, outdated, missing or irrelevant information kept in your organisation will set your team up for failure.
To make sure your marketing decisions are precise and to create campaigns that perform at their best, you need up to date and verified information. You need precision data.

How Zymplify can help?

Through Zymplify, the first, and only, end-to-end precision sales, and marketing platform you can easily manage your CRM database, obtain precision data with ease and prevent your data from going stale.
Within a single platform, Zymplify allows you to create accurate personas with in-depth information on their pain points, interests, and buyer behaviours.

Through integration with industry-leading data platforms, Zymplify can give you unrivaled access to valuable buyer intent data.

Zymplify’s unique software can mine through publicly available third-party data from online sources and major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and more to monitor a range of signals given off by your target audiences.

The intent tools can monitor website visits, competitor engagements, engagement with your industry or product, or even your target audience’s activities on forums and trade events.

Insight is everything for successful marketing campaigns and Zymplify makes it easy to act on these.

In one, easy to use dashboard you can see at a glance how your campaigns are performing. Using your access to industry-leading data platforms with Zymplify, you can use precision data to help make unbiased, factual assessments on the performance of marketing strategies, campaigns, and tactics. Once you know what works, and what doesn’t you can save money and resources while boosting productivity and outcomes.

Are you ready to see where precision data can take you?

Book a Free no-obligation demo with a Zymplify team member to talk through what the Zymplify Platform can do for you!

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