6 Steps to Maximise Your G2 Buyer Intent Data

This blog was written by our CEO, Michael Carlin. He shares his insight into the top ways that you can maximise your G2 buyer intent data, using Zymplify. 


The G2 marketplace is a great source of 'second-party' buyer intent data for the tech software market.

If potential customers are checking you or your competitor's products on G2's website, it demonstrates clear buying intent signals.  These buying signals will tell you the name of the company searching, the number of visits and the sectors/competitors they are researching. G2's own research has indicated that 60%+ of people visiting their site close the purchase cycle within 60 days, so the intent signals are strong! While this is great information for a lot of businesses, the challenge is what do you do with it?  The data highlights companies that are showing strong buyer intent signals, but how do you operationalise that insight?  These opportunities are not yet in a contactable state where it can be forwarded to your sales team to easily connect or follow up with the companies – so how can you market or sell to these companies with ease? To solve this problem G2 and Zymplify have partnered to provide a seamless solution to maximise and operationalise your G2 buyer intent data.  Zymplify's G2 Intent tool automatically takes your G2 buyer intent data and reveals relevant prospects' contact details.  You can then automatically market to these prospects, nurturing them through the buying funnel, to forward to your sales team when qualified.  All 100% automated!



6 Steps to Maximise Your G2 Buyer Intent Data

The following are the 6 key ways to fully operationalise your G2 buyer intent data with Zymplify.

  1. Connect your G2 account to Zymplify's Automated Prospecting & Marketing Platform. See your G2 buyer intent data in your Zymplfy dashboard within 5 minutes of a prospective customer looking on G2.  You can also set filters to focus only on those companies within your target segments.
  2. Automatically reveal relevant prospects. Using the Zymplify G2 Intent tool you can instantly reveal relevant prospect contact details within your target companies.
  3. Add prospects to automated marketing and sales journeys. Via our unique automated G2 trigger, you can send your target prospects (identified in step 2) on a multi-step, automated marketing and sales email journey – within 15 minutes of them having researched you, your category or your competitors on G2.
  4. Integrated remarketing.  Engage multichannel marketing by building remarketing lists for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn within your Automated Journeys.  Using Zymplify, you can easily embed remarketing pixels behind all of your landing pages, to track visitors and create custom audiences who can then be remarketed to via these different channels.
  5. Lead scoring.  By adding lead scoring to your Automated Journeys, you can monitor further intent signals from your prospective customers.  Did they visit your website?  Did they open or click your email?  Did they download some content or watch a video?  Using lead scoring gives a measurable way to identify the hottest leads that are showing the greatest interest or intent to buy.
  6. Send (only) qualified leads to the sales team. Utilising the lead scoring in step 5, set up a ' send to pipeline trigger' within your Automated Journey.  In this way, only Sales Qualified Leads (with a cumulative lead intent score of 'x') will be automatically sent to the sales team, ready to close.

A multi-step journey within the Zymplify platform As you can see that Zymplify works as the middleware between the powerful G2 buyer intent data and your sales team – we automate everything in between.  Maximise your sales team's time and effort, by focusing on prospects who have demonstrated strong buyer intent both via G2 and through interacting with your Zymplify buyer’s journey and content. Fish where the fish are! Set up your free consultation today and get started with your free 90-day Zymplify trial – click here to find out more. 

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