A Lead Generation System That Delivers Prospects In Less Than 24 Hours?


Overnight success. It’s the dream of every sales team.

But the key to true overnight success? It’s making it last, and to do that, you need to nail your lead-gen strategy right from the get go. How do you know if your lead gen isn’t working?

Here are four tell-tale signs it isn’t:

  • Your sales team isn’t prospecting.
  • They’re manually prospecting by scrolling through the internet.
  • Your team is buying cold lists.
  • Prospecting is left to the sales team alone and marketing isn’t involved.

At Zymplify, we’re firm believers in starting as you mean to go on. That’s why we’ve made a lead generation system built to stand the test of time for your every campaign. From prospects right through to returning customers, our marketing automation will speed up your sales process end-to-end.

The bonus? It’s built to deliver results overnight. And by that, we mean: prospects, at scale, in 24 hours. Here’s how.

1. Using Buyer Intent Data

Buyer Intent Data is the catch-all term which lets your sales team know exactly when a prospect is in buying mode. When you put Buyer Intent data at the fore of your lead-gen strategy, you’re able to ensure that your leads are high-quality. If you aren’t generating traffic – and prospects – that are interested in buying, then your campaigns are no better than a website with no content.

The question you need to ask your team – are you sure you’re appealing to the right prospects when they’re ready to listen? Are you sure you’re pitching a sale to the leads who are ready to buy?

Using Zymplify, our in-built Buyer Intent tools ensure your every prospect and lead is drawn into your funnel based on their intention to buy. We use 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to produce a truly valuable database of signals happening both on your channels and website, and away from them.

Our technology searches the internet for signals happening far from where you are. If your potential customer is talking to a competitor, attending events in your field, talking about topics relevant to your product or services, we mine these signals and deliver them to your dashboard ready to be utilised as prospect and lead nurturing.

2. Buyer Intent Combined With Automation

What happens once you have your Buyer Intent data? You know who your interested prospects are. You know who’s talking about your product or services and you can see who’s searching for your competitors. But what’s next?

That’s where Zymplify’s automation steps in.

Our system uses Buyer Intent combined with our marketing automated engine to drive high-quality leads which convert. The key word being: convert!

As soon as your team switches on our Buyer Intent software, your inbounds will increase 24 hours from the moment it’s turned on. At Zymplify, when we used our Buyer Intent, we increased our inbound leads by 10x – that’s up to 1000 prospects a day!

But generating leads at the same scale is unfeasible. No sales team in the world would have the capacity to serve that many leads to a high standard. That’s where marketing automation is the solution.

Using automated marketing journeys – from content on your website, to email marketing – your team can take a prospect from a Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead, with little no human interaction required.

The result?

Your sales team can jump in once your prospect is further along the buying process. As soon as the Buyer Intent signal is triggered, your journey will have automated communications delivered the right messages to the right prospects at the right time.

3. Consistent Lead Scoring

For every prospect pouring into your funnel, your team can set up multiple automated journeys which are automatically fed with content or a sequence of emails depending on the signal triggered and how far into their buyer’s journey they are.

Each journey is set up to take your prospect through a qualification process, where every action is scored and ranked by Zymplify’s in-built Lead Scoring system.

Every action has a different scoring, which is customisable and unique to your marketing narrative. For example: a prospect opening and clicking on an email generates a score, whereas downloading a piece of content would generate a higher score and push them further down your buyer’s journey.

Imagine having eyes literally on your funnel, where your sales team can access the dashboard and see every prospect and lead ranked from cold to hot, depending on their intention to buy. Red-hot meaning they’re in the market for your product! Lead Scoring is the quickest way to strike a sale with confidence, knowing your lead is sales qualified.

4. Ownership of Marketing & Sales

The key to overnight success, speeding up your sales process and landing high-quality prospects is down to total collaboration between marketing and sales.

Using Zymplify, both teams can ensure your buyer’s journey unites both agendas in a shared vision. Once a prospect is Marketing Qualified, they will move into a direct one-to-one automated email sequence coming from a predefined salesperson. These emails can be customised and templated to save time, so your sales team will be focused solely on contacting leads that have arrived through a qualification process and are signaling for a demo or sales pitch. It’s red-hot leads only, meaning no more lost sales opportunities!

With Zymplify, you can decrease your sales cycle and orient your marketing and sales on a joint vision, where your top line is supercharged and the overall quality of your leads is sky-high.

But don’t take our word for it – our demo speaks for itself. Get in touch with a member of our team today and set up a trial to use Zymplify for free, no-strings-attached. You’ll watch your sales cycle transform at your fingertips.

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