A Marketer’s Guide to Finding Prospects Fast

The hunt for quality prospects is marketing’s age-old conundrum. Many heads have been scratched and many eyes have watered at the cost. How do you source at volume without tripling your marketing team?  How do you produce quality leads without blowing up your budget? 

The art of finding the right prospects isn’t by doing it manually and at scale. If you are, then it’s costly, time intensive and a guarantee of lost profit. 

If finding your prospects looks more like time ferreted away on spreadsheets and data mining, then you need a solution which combines outcome with speed. 

To put it bluntly…you need Zymplify. 


At Zymplify, marketing automation was our answer to finding quality prospects in vast numbers…real fast. We were able to churn weeks’ and months’ worth of prospect sourcing by plugging it into our software which works around the clock to source prospects we didn’t realise we had.

When prospect quantity increases, 
it directly impacts the rise in the quality of leads.

We set out to develop prospecting tools which would turbo-charge our prospect generation and identify prospects in spaces where it was physically impossible to have our focus 24/7.

We’re talking multi-layered prospecting that fills your funnel with a high volume of quality leads. 

Every layer of automation works in a lock-and-key fashion so that strangers are nurtured into prospects and onwards into hot leads. 

Each of our prospecting tools comb through digital spaces to seek out the prospects relevant to your business and work to keep your eyes – and content – directly in line with your prospects. 


When you automate your content using our prospecting tools, you’re putting your key messages in front of the personas most likely to convert into a sale. We repeatedly nurture your prospects by responding to signals that say they’re engaged, listening and responding. 

If you want to raise the bar on the quality of leads coming through to your sales team, you need to ensure your prospects are nurtured effectively from the offset. 


The five tools in our prospecting arsenal can make this a dream:

1.  LinkedIn Prospector

Why wouldn’t you be looking through LinkedIn for your prospects? 

There are over 500 million business professionals on their network, 100 million active daily users and 40 million of those users are in decision-making roles.

It’s a rich source of potential prospecting. But you have to be smart. 

If prospecting on LinkedIn looks like members of your team trawling through pages and pages of profiles, inputting data directly from LinkedIn into a spreadsheet, which another team member rifles through in the hunt for a potential prospect…then you need to call it quits. 

Your time is better spent refining your content strategy than compiling a contact list. Leave it to the machines.   

Enter our LinkedIn Prospector tool. Using a LinkedIn automation tool, our unique engine can extract relevant LinkedIn profiles and automatically source their contact information to include email addresses, job titles and names.

What do we do with that information? 

We nurture your prospects list and engage with your audience using our marketing automation journey. You can email or remarket to them on Facebook or LinkedIn using PPC ads and deliver the right content exactly at the moment they want to receive it.

2.  Intent Signals

Buyer Intent Data is information harvested from customer behaviour that journeys farther than your website and social media. Before Buyer Intent software stepped in, companies were left predicting the journey of their prospects or leads, and without crystal balls, most of this was fruitless guesswork. 

Zymplify’s Intent Signals software searches the web to source your prospects based on the criteria you provide us. You can outline your criteria by a set of triggers, such as events, keywords or competitors. 

What this means is if your potential customer attended an event in your field, talked to your competitors, engaged online about a product or service similar to yours, then the signals left behind are ours to sweep up.

We’re able to pull this information into your Zymplify dashboard, complete with a profile of contact records, including phone and email.

By maximising your Buyer Intent Data, you can identify highly qualified leads that are actively researching your business, product or service, so you can step in and offer a narrative exactly when they’re seeking it. 

3. Company Domain Prospector 

You already know the companies that would lap up your product offering, but something’s holding you back. You don’t know who to contact. If you ring the accounts team and “leave a message”, then you’ve missed your chance entirely. Again.

You need to speak to the right contact who’s in a decision-making role. Fortunately for you, our company Domain Prospector tool knows who’s who.

All you need to do is upload a list of companies into our software and we reveal all the relevant contact information. But not only that! We can nurture these prospects through automated journeys, target them through PPC or social media content and score them according to your “hot leads” barometer which signals to your sales team when they’re ready for a sale. 

4.  Website Intent 

Website traffic can feel impressive. Site visits and pages clicked is a sign your prospects are interested. But how do you reach them directly? How do you know who is on your website? 

Without their contact information, you’re left staring at a website dashboard which does little to offer any actionable insight other than showing you nameless prospects who are warm leads kept out of reach. 

Our Website Intent tool makes it possible to identify anonymous visitors while giving you access to their contact information, including names, job titles and addresses. Combine that with on-site visitor behaviours and you’re digging into a lead generation gold mine.  

Your sales team will be hot on the heels of ready-to-buy leads coming straight off the information you’re able to extract from your own site. 

5.  G2 Intent

G2 Intent. We could get real nerdy here, because let’s face it… G2 makes it all possible.  

Imagine if you knew exactly who was reading your competitors’ reviews? And then imagine if you had a handy list of those prospects rounded up and delivered smoothly into your automation funnel, so you could market them directly?

You don’t need to imagine, because you can. 

With Zymplify, you can combine a G2 profile to help you discover prospects who are actively searching your industry or your competitors in real time. You’re able to respond as and when your prospects are researching across multiple channels and deliver them straight into your content automation journey. High quality leads? Coming right up. 

We don’t mean to boast, but prospecting woes? They don’t exist when you use Zymplify. Get in touch with our team today and trial our prospecting tools for yourself. 

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Imagine if you could supply your team with a list of prospects who had been engaging with your competitors ? With Buyer Intent Signals you can

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