How to Accelerate Your LinkedIn Lead Gen, in a Remote Working World

Covid-19 has changed many aspects of daily life, with many businesses seeing significant changes. Many have had to close their doors to customers and operate with staff working remotely.

So, the question is that with customers not being able to come to businesses, how do businesses come to customers in a world where movement is curtailed? Thankfully digital tools make ‘meeting’ and communications easier, but how can new prospects be found to add to your sales pipeline, in the current climate? Where can new business come from? Is it even possible?

One tool that we have been using extensively in Zymplify, long before the virus was heard of, is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. A lot of people think that LinkedIn is just “Facebook for jobs”, but it is a much more useful and powerful tool than that. With the sales navigator subscription, you can set up searches tailored for targeting your ideal customers. It’s not geographically limited, allowing you to cast your net far and wide to attract new business, with very specific search criteria.

Searches are quick and simple to set up.  You can search by town, city and/or country of interest, industry, company size, job title, seniority, department/function, etc. With over 575 million LinkedIn users, the pool of prospects is beyond imagination.

At Zymplify, we’ve been using the tool not only to find prospects’ profiles but by integrating it into our platform to find contact details for roughly 60% of the target profiles identified on LinkedIn.  On a daily basis, we are finding hundreds of prospects, collecting them, revealing contact details and contacting them automatically. 


Our experience has led us to actively market this tool to our prospects and customers as a business growth acceleration tool, that can be used by anyone, from anywhere.  We feel confident, that it can be just as effective for your business as it has been for ours, particularly in the very different current business environment.  Whether you are looking for new suppliers, diversify your prospect basis, or just add new contacts in general, our LinkedIn Prospecting tool can help – regardless of where your team are. 

We’re so convinced as to how powerful this tool could be for your business that we would like to offer you a free demonstration and trial.  Simply get in touch, and we will arrange for our prospecting experts to talk through the process and demo the tool to you.  There is no need technical experts to set this up, it is very simple – all you need is access to a LinkedIn account (free) and there is a free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator available here.   We will walk you through the next steps to start turning LinkedIn profiles into prospects. 

As a Zymplify customer, the LinkedIn Prospector tool is available to you at no extra cost and includes 1000 free data credits each month – that is 1000 B2B leads added to your database including their email address!  These credits are included in your package, with more available on request.  Our team will assist you in setting up this tool quickly to begin to serve you hundreds of new prospects every day.

The business landscape has changed and is currently challenging, but with challenges, opportunities do exist. We are here to help our clients navigate their way through these challenging times, with our team of experts on hand.  It’s easy, quick and there is zero risk, so why not try it out and be the hero to your business, showing hope in these tough times!   Please get in contact and we will be more than happy to help you and your business.

Zymplify has been recognised by review site G2 as having the fastest implementation time in the marketing automation category.  Our expert team can help set up automated prospecting, marketing and sales follow up to leads within days.

Don’t forget, we’re offering you a free one-to-one consultation with our marketing experts to advise you on how to boost your business, even during the current climate.  Book your free consultation now! 


Free Marketing Consultation
Free Marketing Consultation

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