Accelerate Your Sales With Buyer Intent Data

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle From G2 Buyer Intent Data


In sales, so many variables can affect whether an opportunity leads to a won deal. Most will be familiar with the classic formula for qualifying leads – BANT.  BANT stands for:

  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Timeframe


If the lead has clearly established BANT, then the route to purchase should be an easy one, right? Well…not exactly.


Ask any sales consultant if they’ve put time into one opportunity this month that ultimately did not lead to a sale and the likelihood is they’ll tell you about 5.  On the flip side, most salespeople can look back on deals that closed quickly and reflect on how they timed their outreach to perfection!  So, how can sales teams speed up their sales cycles and focus their efforts in areas they can add value to their customers and employers?




Timing is Crucial

An often overlooked aspect of any sale is the element of timing.  You may have the world’s greatest product, capable of solving any and all problems a customer is facing.  But ultimately, if the company is not investing in intelligent data tools right now then your sales pitch is likely to fall on deaf ears and you’ll receive the dreaded response “can you contact me next quarter?” – which is code for ‘not interested’.


The Rule of 3% backs this up.  In any accessible market; 30% are not interested in your services, 30% do not have a need right now, 30% have a need but are not ready to act, 7% intend to change while only 3% are active buyers.  Good marketing teams live in the lower 90%. Good sales teams live in the 3%.


Finding the 3% – The Active Buyers

Adopting intelligent data into your sales funnel helps identify who is buying, researching, and who’s just not interested.  G2 Buyer Intent Data aggregates all activity on their review site and tags organisations with the highest propensity to buy based on the product research they are carrying out. 


This is all great information to have, but what do we do with it?  Read on to find out… 


Operationalise Company Data

Zymplify helps the sales team operationalise company-level intent data.  We take the company names of those in buying mode on G2 and distil this further to contact-level data.  This means that the process of identifying a buyer, pinpointing key decision-makers and sourcing the appropriate email, social, and telephone contact information happens instantly and continuously.


Demand Generation & Nurture

Reducing the time to identify and qualify an opportunity shaves considerable time off our sales cycle, and we can shorten the sales cycle even further by introducing automation into the mix.  Once the G2 company data has been distilled into contact level information, automated marketing can kick in.  A mix of email, social and pay-per-click (PPC) can be used as channels to build a relationship from the get-go.  Introducing automated sales content, direct from a rep to a decision-maker, further shortens win times by initiating sales conversations as soon as possible.


Make it Repeatable

Striking gold once shows that a miner was lucky, but striking gold consistently shows us that a miner is prepared.  With Zymplify and G2 the process is simple, clear and repeatable:

  1. Identify companies with intent.
  2. Enhance company data to contact data.
  3. Generate demand with automated marketing.
  4. Nurture and close with automated selling.


This workflow is happening constantly, 24/7, automated and with no delays.


By highlighting which companies have the highest likelihood to buy the guesswork is taken out of sales, and the correct use of data helps to do this.  G2 helps identify opportunities and Zymplify helps develop and close these opportunities. Integrate the two together and start accelerating your sales cycle today. 


To find out more about our partnership with G2 as well as our 90-day free Zymplify trial for G2 customers click here.





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