Buyer Intent Data and G2 Reveal

Buyer Intent Data and our catalogue of Reveal Tools are some of the latest developments we have added to the Zymplify platform. In this short blog post, we’re going to introduce you to G2 Reveal, and the power it has when it comes to lead generation. We’ll give you more information on our partner, G2 and how Zymplify’s platform can enhance your current data.

The G2 Reveal Tool will give you the opportunity to gain trust and credibility, identify in-market buyers and make the most of your buyer intent data.

Who is G2? 

G2 is a peer-to-peer review site, namely for software companies. There are tens of thousands of software applications on the market. But choosing the right one can be increasingly difficult with so much competition out there. This is where G2 comes into play, and helps you make your decision.

G2 provides unique, authentic peer advice in real-time. Basically, it’s like Trip Advisor, but for businesses that are reviewing the software before making the all-important buying decision.

Over 3 million people use G2 every month to read and write authentic reviews about thousands of different software products and professional services. There are almost 900,000 reviews on the site to date, which help professionals all over the world make buying decisions.

It goes without saying that it’s a really powerful platform for businesses who are either buying or selling, which is why Zymplify are proud to say we’re partners with G2.

What is G2 reveal? 

Zymplify’s G2 Reveal Tool is a product offering within the overall Zymplify platform. This tool is specific for G2 customers, so to use the tool, you have to have a profile on G2, and this must be a G2 Buyer Intent profile, that you are receiving buyer intent data from.

If you’re a G2 Buyer Intent Customer, G2 will send you buyer intent data daily, showing the company information of who has visited your profile or researched your specific category on G2 (e.g. software, email marketing, etc.)

This is valuable data as it shows the companies who are interested or shopping your product or researching your industry. However – this is company-level data, so it shows company names, not contact information. This is where Zymplify can help.

How can the G2 Reveal tool help my business? 

Zymplify’s G2 Reveal Tool will give you so much more from your Buyer Intent Data and allow you to capitalise on the power it holds. Zymplify has developed an API between G2 and our platform, so it will enable our clients to improve the data they already have from G2.

Using Zymplify, a client can connect their G2 account within Zymplify, and we can pull in the company level data from G2 and append it. This means that we can add to this data and give you so much more. We can show your contact level information, such as name and address so you can create a personalised approach when targeting these leads. Personalisation adds so much more to your marketing campaigns and adds to your lead nurturing strategy as you push your leads through the buyer’s funnel.

Zymplify’s platform will give you the contact information of people who are actively showing intent to buy your product or service. These leads are already in the middle of the funnel, making it much easier to target them and encourage them to make the buying decision.


If you want to find out how Zymplify’s G2 Reveal Tool can help your business, download our How-To Guide now for more information. 


You can also sign up for our upcoming webinar with G2, where you can hear from experts and discover the power this tool has. 

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