Discovering Untapped Potential: Maximising B2B Website Traffic with Zymplify

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Are you fed up with the limited visibility you have into your website traffic? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. As per industry statistics, only about 2% of businesses visiting your B2B website actively engage by filling out a contact form. 

That leaves a whopping 98% of visitors who drop by, browse around and then silently leave, without giving you any way to reach out to them. But worry not, because Zymplify’s Website Tracking tool is the solution you need. This blog will take you on a journey of discovery and mastery of this powerful tool.

If you are not familiar with website tracking, let’s start with the basics.

This tool is an integrated feature that helps you identify what businesses are visiting your website. It turns the anonymous visitors into named businesses thanks to the use of leading-edge business IP address data intelligence. So, not only will you be able to see who is visiting your website, you can also identify what they’re viewing, where they are coming from, and even what kind of device they’re using to view your content.

Thanks to Zymplify’s Website Tracking, you can also see which companies are looking at your website, what pages they are viewing, and whether they are return visitors. 

This means you can now customise each web page with a certain score; for instance, the pricing page on your website can hold a higher score indicating higher interest or intent from the visitor. This allows you to make data-backed decisions on which visitor you want to focus on more – it could be a return visitor or an existing deal.

Now, how do you put this information to use? Simple, you turn it into action. Zymplify’s Web Visits and the Company Intent tools allow you to create your own source of ‘first party’ B2B marketing data in three easy steps.


You integrate the Website Tracking Code into your existing website, track all the businesses visiting your site and reveal their identity and firmographics in real time. 

Then you identify the number of contacts that match your target personas at these companies and reveal them using your data credit. Just like that, you turn them into prospects.

These insights aren’t just data points; they are opportunities – ways for you to cultivate relationships with prospective customers. They can help you create a pool of ‘first-party’ B2B marketing data, chart customer journeys towards successful conversions, optimise your PPC campaigns, personalise your approach, and patiently nurture your B2B marketing prospects. 

Website Tracking can transform the way you strategise your marketing and sales approach. To illustrate its effectiveness, let’s explore five key use cases that demonstrate just how invaluable this tool can be in a real-world setting.


  1. Create Your Own First-Party B2B Data: Consider a hypothetical company, TechEvent. They noticed increased traffic on their ‘Upcoming Events’ page, but minimal form submissions. Using Zymplify’s Website Tracking, they were able to capture valuable information about these silent explorers, leading them to create a soft-nudge email campaign with more details about their events. This alone resulted in a 20% rise in registrations within three months. Thus, they transformed anonymous traffic into an actionable dataset, driving their revenue upwards.
  2. Charting Customer Journeys Towards Successful Conversions: Let’s take another example of an e-commerce platform. By using data collected through Website Tracking, the platform could identify the usual navigation paths potential customers took. They optimised these paths with guiding markers (proactive triggers and pop-ups), leading to more users making a purchase and boosting conversion rates.
  3. Supercharging PPC Campaigns: Zymplify’s Website Tracking can significantly enhance your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns by providing you with more than just basic analytics. Consider a company running a PPC campaign for a new product. Using Zymplify, they were able to capture details of silent visitors, helping them broaden their prospect circle and boost results from their PPC campaigns.
  4. Personalising Experiences for Previously Anonymous B2B Prospects: For instance, a company named BizGrowth identified, through Website Tracking, that most of its anonymous traffic was composed of small businesses interested in their productivity tools. Using this insight, they created a targeted campaign that specifically addressed these businesses, resulting in a 35% increase in enquiries from small businesses.
  5. Effectively Nurtifying B2B Marketing Prospects: An e-commerce company, WeSellMore, used Web Visits to implement an automated ‘thank you for visiting’ email when they noticed a significant number of visitors browsing product pages without making a purchase. This small gesture, followed by a series of nurturing communications, resulted in a 30% spike in conversion rates.

 Zymplify’s Website Tracking combined with a strategic approach, can significantly improve your sales and marketing results. By understanding who is visiting your website and what they’re interested in, you unlock a wealth of opportunities. Whether it’s personalising marketing messages, optimising your PPC campaigns, or nurturing your B2B prospects, this tool enables you to drive your business growth and achieve your goals more effectively.

Using Zymplify’s Website Tracking gives you the power to transform anonymous web traffic into a source of business growth. This tool is not just about counting visitors, it’s about unlocking a wealth of insights into who your visitors are and how best to engage them. But remember, the journey doesn’t stop here. Keep experimenting, learning and adapting to keep pace with the ever eolving digital landscape.

So, why wait? Equip yourself with the power of Zymplify and transform your website into a potent engine for business growth. Start your free trial today and get ready to see how Zymplify can boost your success!


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