Do You Have A Leaky Sales Funnel? Here’s How To Fix It!

For most businesses, the buyer journey has many stages. The most switched on marketing and sales teams have identified these stages and implement tactics to engage with prospects at various touch points along this journey. 

This can include:

  • Attracting new leads who do not know anything about your business
  • Engaging with leads so they begin to know and understand your business
  • Generating interest and a desire to buy among segmented groups of leads
  • Converting leads into customers when they are ready to buy

These stages of the buyer journey are often broken down into a sales funnel. The aim of this funnel is to fill it with prospects and convert them into “hot” leads that are primed and ready to buy. 

But what do you do when your sales pipeline springs a leak?

Leaks in your sales pipeline mean leads disappear from your funnel – this can be due to stagnant leads that have gone cold because you haven’t engaged with them in a while. Or worse, leads that have lost interest and disappeared from your funnel altogether.

It takes time and resource to find and nurture leads effectively, so no one responsible for sales wants to lose leads once they’re in the pipeline. The tricky part is, if you have a leak in your sales pipeline, how do you spot it?

Businesses that use automated prospecting software like Zymplify have a range of data available at their fingertips that can help them to quickly identify the source of a leak in their sales pipeline and take action to fix it fast.

The Zymplify platform is a powerful end-to-end prospecting tool that collates data from all your marketing and sales activities in one location. This means you have extensive data on highly targeted lead segments that you can use to nurture prospects along the sales funnel using automated touch points including social media and email marketing – sending the right message, to the right prospect, at the right time.

If your leads stop engaging or moving through the sales pipeline, this can be easily identified in your Zymplify dashboard, or through the range of reporting tools available within the platform. Once the leak has been spotted, your team can work to plug it, so your leads can continue their buyer journey and your sales team can keep doing what they do best – converting prospects into customers.  

Using software like Zymplify to automate sales and marketing communications and tasks helps to prevent leaks in your sales funnel in the first place, by effectively segmenting your leads and nurturing them by engaging with them to the point of being “hot” and ready to buy. But, should a leak develop in your pipeline – and at some stage it usually will – the software will point you in the right direction so you can fix it fast. 

Want to be able to identify leaks in your sales pipeline using powerful software that helps supercharge your sales? Have a chat with our team or book a free, no obligation demo today.

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