Everything You Need For A Successful Precision Engagement Strategy


The way businesses engage with B2B buyers has significantly changed. The vast amount of information your prospects have access to makes it more challenging to reach them with content they are interested in.

Technology swept in, disrupted the traditional buyer journey, and now stakeholders are getting more involved in B2B sales. By the time they approach your brand, click onto your website or click on one of your ads, your prospects have already been looking into your solution. In fact‚ Gartner research finds that when B2B buyers are considering a purchase‚ they spend only 17% of that time meeting with potential suppliers, but spend 27% of their time researching independently online.

Here are 3 ways you can build a successful online engagement strategy.

1. Personalise Your Outreach

Making sure you give your audience the information they are actively looking for is key to building a successful relations ship with your prospective buyers.

Generic, one size fits all campaigns no longer work with buyers who are used to receiving targeted and personalised communications that directly focus on the problem they have, or provide the solution that they are looking for. If you want to engage with them in a meaningful way and build a lasting relationship you need to supply them with value.

Value is synonymous with personalisation. Create your Ideal Customer Profile, what content they like and channels they live on and then find them with buyer intent signals. Targeted and personalised messaging is key to converting in a more efficient, effective, and therefore, more profitable manner.  Invespcro confirms, that businesses that use data for personalisation in their engagement strategies see a 5-8 times higher return on investment on their marketing spend compared to companies that don’t.

Personalised messaging is made simple with Zymplify. With unprecedented access to data reporting tools, you can create in-depth personas of each segment of your target market. By analysing their online behaviour you can learn what their preferred type of content is, what type of communication they engage with and what their main source of information is. Using these consumer insights you can create a precise engagement strategy that delivers the right content to the right person at the right time in their journey, using the right platforms.

2. Set Up Seamless Multi-Channel Campaigns

B2B buyers don’t wait until they get into the office and switch their computers on to research vendors. With access to so many devices, information is always at their fingertips.

Think With Google  found that because B2B buyers are becoming increasingly savvier with technology, using mobile for work, and multitasking across multiple screens, they can stay productive even while they are committing.

To successfully engage them, you need to optimise your content, landing pages, web forms to provide the same information and functionality on your website as you do on your mobile platforms and vice versa. Prospects expect a seamless transition from device to device, and to achieve that you need to develop a strong omnichannel campaign.

Zymplfy’s precision engagement toolkit is the best place to start creating branded assets to deliver on multiple channels. The integrated builders, with drag and drop functionality and pre-loaded templates, make it easy to create, launch and execute seamless multi-channel campaigns.

3. Measure Your Success

Real-time data on the success of any of your running campaigns is key to learning what type of engagement strategy is working for you and what isn’t.

Research by the Content Marketing Institute in 2020 found that for most marketers, email engagement is the top metric to measure content performance. The majority of B2B marketers (81%) also confirm, that their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters and 31% of these professionals consider it the best way to nurture leads.

While you could be sending numerous emails every week, unless it is reaching your prospects at the right stage in their buyer journey, they could end up forgotten in their inbox, or worse, their spam folder. The only way to know if your emails are meeting your buyers’ unique needs is to keep track of the opening and the click-through rates. Once you know if and how your prospects interact with your content you can adjust your content or your strategy.

Built-in, real-time reporting is available throughout the Zymplify platform. You can see what happened this week vs last week, see incremental gains and growth, and you can even look at 30-day cycles. The reporting dashboard allows you to monitor the success of your campaigns from the first click to sale.

Why Automate With Zymplify?

Zymplify combines precision marketing, precision prospecting and precision reporting to inform your engagement strategies.

Through the platform, you can get unprecedented access to vast amounts of second and third-party data, access all your marketing assets in one central location to create, launch and execute your precision engagement campaigns.

The user-friendly interface allows you to set up your buyer journeys, create your automated multi-channel marketing campaigns and build your own landing pages using the pre-designed templates. The pre-installed codes and drag and drop functionality allows you to create eye-catching engagement strategies that fit your brand without any coding expertise.

The precise reporting feature, available throughout the platform is there to help you evaluate the success of your campaigns at a glance, at any given time. Knowing what works, and what doesn’t, in turn, will help you reallocate your resources to fuel activities that convert your prospects.

Are you ready to take your engagement to the next level?

Zymplify is the only solution on the market that discovers, engages and converts customers at scale in one end-to-end precision sales and marketing platform.

Save time and money by choosing a single solution for all your prospecting needs.

Speed up the busy working day and save your team 8 hours or more every week and start prospecting at scale by sending hot leads straight to your sales team from a single platform.

Book a Free no-obligation demo with a Zymplify team member to talk through what the Zymplify Platform can do for you.

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