Find Out How Zymplify Can Replace Your Entire MarTech Setup!

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We know it sounds counterintuitive to say, but your Marketing Technology System could be the thorn in the side of your marketing team.


MarTech systems are handy go-to platforms which promise to fix all your problems. From website management, to social media scheduling, to email marketing, Customer Relationship Management and more. MarTech are the solutions to expediting the most mundane of marketing processes, while giving your team a clear overview of your campaigns in action.

But what happens when the systems become too much and the solution becomes the bugbear slowing everything down? What if your team is jumping from tab to tab, with no clear idea on where your other team members are feeding in?

What happens when the cost far outweighs the benefits?

Let’s consider the cost of multiple separate platform subscriptions. On average, subscriptions to multiple marketing technologies could be costing $21,924 per year – and that’s before any useful add-ons, which are offered as opt-in paid features once you subscribe.

With so many marketing technology platforms on the market today, what should you be looking for?

  • Get Your Costs Under Control: For an annual cost, you want to integrate, automate and execute your marketing campaigns and processes seamlessly, that includes everything from your website and social media management, to your prospect-sourcing and lead-nurturing.
  • ROI Success: One simple cost structure will make it easier to manage your budget and number crunching, making calculating your Return On Investment (ROI) a breeze.
  • Target Your Audiences Quickly: You know who your target audience is, now you want to get in front of them quickly – with the right messages, at the right time – ensuring your brand is seen across all major platforms at the push of a button.
  • No Complicated Paper Trails: You want a system where your results, your campaign performance, your scheduling, monitoring and the progress of your funnel can be viewed in one single platform. In short, you want a platform that unites all the tools of your multiple subscriptions but on one website.

Does such a tool exist?

Enter Zymplify.

Here are the ways Zymplify can replace your entire MarTech setup in one place, with less cost, and more bang for your buck.

Keep costs down:  For an annual cost of just $7,788 you could integrate, automate, and execute your marketing campaigns and processes seamlessly. Including your website, social media, email marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and more.
Locate your prospects: Our platform works around the clock to source your prospects, using the detailed persona profiles you set up. Once we have eyes on your prospects, our automated marketing journey works to nudge them further down your funnel.
Automate delivery of your content: Once you’ve landed your ideal prospects, our automated marketing journey begins. The content schedule for your website, social media and email marketing is timed for delivery depending on the stage of each prospect and lead in your funnel. From prospect to lead, deal to sale: our automation sends content to the right people at the right time in their journey.
Database management: Our systems keep your lists in tip-top condition, so you can take database management off your list and let our platform do the hard work. Our systems update your databases to reflect any chances to your personas, locations, lead scoring, client information, buyer intention and more. You set the rules, Zymplify does the work.
Keep on top of your contacts: Consider the sheer volume of contacts floating around your databases. When you add up the detail for your prospects, competitors, ones-to-watch, company affiliates, leads and current customers, that’s a staggering weight of data. Our tools ensure a contact detail never expires again, by searching the internet to update your records with the most up-to-date contact details.
Email marketing: Effective but a nuisance to deliver in bulk. Scheduling each round of emails per the stage of your every prospect and lead could take hours out of your day. Not with Zymplify. Our emailing tools allow you to set the rules for retargeting so you can contact those who haven’t opened, clicked or visited a certain page and you can schedule a month in advance, meaning less scheduling, more marketing.
Score your leads: Goodbye to predicting when a lead is sale-ready. Our lead scoring can tell you when a lead is cold (time to deliver content) or hot (time to pitch a sale), meaning every lead you deliver to your sales team is ranked by the likelihood of committing to a purchase. Sales pitches made too early? A thing of the past.

Using Zymplify, you can streamline your MarTech solutions so they exist on one platform and one browser, with multi-share access across the entire marketing team.

Take the nonsense out of skipping between platforms and collate your systems in one easy-to-access space. Try our free demo today and get a feel for a solution which will change your systems for the better.

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