G2 Buyer Intent Data – Is it Worth the Investment?

As a high growth software company, ensuring a steady flow of leads is one of the most pressing issues that Zymplify tries to address on a daily basis. 

We have been a customer of G2 for a number of years now, initially signing up to put our profile on their site for brand awareness and to generate reviews from our customer base. Working with their excellent customer success team we moved into the area of Intent Data.

From an SEO perspective trying to compete with some of the largest companies in our space has been an extremely difficult task but we quickly realised that we do not need to compete directly. G2 is generating thousands of visitors to our category on their website on a daily basis. Many of those visits are from companies who are actively considering buying products or services in our market.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach out to those potential buyers at the time they are most likely to buy? Indeed! G2’s buyer intent data makes this possible.

Not only does G2 data provide us with the companies who are visiting our category but it also provides us with the pages visited, number of visits, companies who are visiting our profile or comparing us to competitors and companies who are comparing our competitors to other products.

This is extremely useful data from a sales and marketing perspective. Paired with our own intent engine and automated prospecting we have a daily feed of companies who are actively in buying mode. We take that company level intent data and automatically find email addresses for the key decision-makers in those companies. From there we put those emails into a Zymplify journey using our own powerful automation system.

From someone within XYZ Limited looking at our profile, our competitors, or indeed just our category page on G2, we can have an email to a decision-maker within 20mins. Powerful!

In today’s world it has never been more important to strike while the iron is hot, G2 has helped us to scale our lead generation at pace without spending thousands of pounds on Ad spend or acquiring cold prospect lists.

Below shows a steady flow of companies coming into our system directly via API from G2 on a daily basis:

And through our automated prospecting and automatically filtering out companies we are not interested in, below shows a steady flow of new decision-makers being added to our marketing campaigns on a daily basis:

These prospects are automatically moving through our marketing funnel with little to no manual involvement in the process – this has meant we have a steady stream of leads for our sales team to work on.

Without a doubt, the Intent Data that G2 provides us has been worth the investment, in addition to a great product their team has been an extension of ours for the past 12 months, always on hand to help us get the most out of their products.

To find out more about this powerful partnership, don’t forget to sign-up for your free consultation to get your 90 day free trial of Zymplify.

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