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If you were to ask your marketing team what drives them, you’ll probably get responses – like “prospects, leads, conversions, leads that convert to deals…” – where each answer is united by the same goal of contributing to your company’s top line. Days, weeks and months are spent devising dynamic campaigns: creating stand-out content, eye-catching landing pages, designing optimised emails and auto-responders, researching keywords for PPC, combing the internet for – or possibly buying – data to add to your persona research. Then you hit the launch button. Hey presto! But what if your campaigns aren’t producing enough leads that ultimately convert? Are you sitting back and waiting for the leads to roll in, getting more excited by other results –  on website forms, social media channels, PPC and blog posts – than the ones that really matter? The big question to ask: are your team producing leads that ultimately convert? If not, they aren’t fulfilling their prime mission. In the age of digital marketing, inbound leads can take forever. There’s too much content out there to be heard above the noise and when you consider the number of prospects who are engaging, only a tiny percentage of them are actually in buying mode. If we don’t generate traffic that is interested in buying, then your optimised campaigns are as useful as a website without content. It’s easy to think “why bother?!” Enter Zymplify. Our systems make prospect-hunting a walk in the park, where endless prospects funnel straight onto your dashboard – and at volume! But not just any old prospects. Our tools are the most effective way of ensuring you get the high-quality leads you need and that you put your message front and centre of the prospects who are already in the decision-making process. The juicy part? We put your content in front of prospects in the middle of their consideration of your competitors. Here’s how the magic works.

1. Using Buyer Intent Data

Buyer Intent data is the easiest way of gauging when a prospect is in buying mode by monitoring your prospects’ engagement activity. Until recently, Buyer Intent data has been restricted to the sources you have direct ownership of and access to – like online interactions, website visits and offline engagements at trade shows and events. Using Zymplify, our in-built Buyer Intent tools ensure your every prospect and lead is drawn into your funnel based on their intentions to buy. How? We use the combined powers of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data mining to produce a truly valuable database of signals happening both on your channels, and away from them. The key word being away from them! If your potential customer is talking to a competitor, attending events in your field, talking about topics relevant to your product or services, we mine these signals and deliver them to your dashboard ready to be targeted as your prospects. We then funnel these prospects straight into your buyer journey ready for nurturing and converting into high-quality leads! You can find several Buyer Intent data providers who sell data based on the traffic to their website or content portal, and G2 – the premier technology review site – is a great example. G2 collects data on all visitors to their respective industry categories and sells this company-level data onwards. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great data! But not the most in-depth. Firstly their data is restricted to the web traffic on their site, and secondly, it’s company-level data only, which isn’t targeted to the person within the company who is responsible for taking action. The good news? If you’re a G2 customer, Zymplify’s platform will integrate this data onto your dashboard and translate company-level data into individual-level data, so you take a step further into finding out who is interested in your product or service by identifying the right contact from the identified companies. Our Buyer Intent tools are a call to put down the purchasing of cold datalists and insight databases for persona-building – for good! At Zymplify, our systems work to deliver an actionable log of content details. High-quality prospects? At the push of a button.

2. Buyer Intent Combined With Automation

So you have your Buyer Intent data and you know who your interested prospects are. What’s next? That’s where Zymplify’s automation steps in. Our system uses Buyer Intent combined with our marketing automated engine to drive high-quality leads which convert. Why automation? Because automation nurtures at each stage in the buying journey of your every prospect and lead. Automation = higher rate conversions. As soon as your team switches on our Buyer Intent software, your inbounds will increase 24 hours from the moment it’s turned on. At Zymplify, when we used our Buyer Intent, we increased our inbound leads by 10x – that’s up to 1000 high-quality prospects a day! Using automated marketing journeys – from content on your website, to email marketing – your team can take a prospect from a Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead. These will be quality leads that your sales team will be equipped to convert. No more overspending on content or PPC, just highly targeted, expertly optimised content journeys which do the leg-work for you. The result? You can guarantee when your leads are Marketing Qualified. As soon as the Buyer Intent signal is triggered, your journey will have automated communications delivered the right messages to the right prospects at the right time.

3. Consistent Lead Scoring

Zymplify’s marketing automation platform has an in-built Lead Scoring system, where each journey is set up to take your prospect through a qualification process. For every prospect pouring into your funnel, your team can set up multiple journeys which automatically delivers content or a sequence of emails depending on the signal your prospects has triggered. Every signal has a different scoring, which is customisable and unique to your marketing narrative. The further your prospects travel into your funnel? The more buyer intent they show. For example: a prospect opening and clicking on an email generates a score, whereas downloading a piece of content would generate a higher score and push them further down your buyer’s journey. Imagine having eyes literally on your funnel, where your sales team can access the dashboard and see every prospect and lead ranked from cold to hot, depending on their intention to buy. Red-hot meaning they’re in the market for your product! Lead Scoring is the quickest way to strike a sale with confidence, knowing your lead is sales qualified. With Zymplify, you can supercharge your top line and boost the overall quality of your leads so they’re sky-high.

But don’t take our word for it – our demo speaks for itself.


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