How to Get the Most Out of Your G2 Profile

G2 is the world’s biggest tech marketplace, where businesses can research and review millions of companies to make better buying decisions when selecting software to meet their business needs.  How can you stand out when someone is researching your category?

In 2012, G2’s founders asked themselves why it was easier to find an unbiased review on a $100 hotel room, than a $100,000 piece of software!  G2 was created as the ‘Trip Advisor’ of the software world.  To date, more than 1 million reviews have been written on and the website generates over 3 million hits on a monthly basis.  G2 is, without a doubt, the go-to location to review B2B software.

Why List Your Software on G2?

By claiming a free profile on G2, you are cementing your spot on the world’s largest B2B marketplace.  Your profile allows you to:

  1. Promote your software or service.
  2. Identify buyers.
  3. Collect unbiased, real-life reviews.
  4. Start appearing in G2’s reports, which are viewed by millions of users globally to research their next B2B tech purchase.

How to Optimise Your G2 Profile

Now you have a profile on G2, it is time to make sure your profile is properly optimised.  Your G2 profile can be publicly found, so it is a great opportunity to show off your brand and how your solution can help your target audience.


  1. Images –  Start by making sure your logo looks good, that it isn’t blurry and remember to use a square version that can easily be seen when it’s used as a small icon.  If you appear on the G2 grid, your logo will be surrounded by your competitors, so you’ll want to ensure your logo is clear to read from a distance.  Make sure your cover image is clear and engaging, something that will catch your audience’s eye and keep them on your profile.
  2. Remember your CTAs (Calls-To-Action) –  The CTAs that work best are ‘Try xyz for Free’ or ‘Contact Us Now’.  Your CTAs must be clear and engaging so that your audience knows what the next steps are to engage with and consider your product.
  3. Question time –  It is a good idea to have discussion questions on your page.  Talk to your sales team to get feedback on the most frequently asked questions during demos, such as ‘How does your pricing work?’, ‘What integrations do you offer?’, etc.
  4. Your overview section –  Your business overview section is a critical part of your profile – this is your escalator pitch to engage and win over your audience and encourage them to find out more.  Think of the top ways that your software or service provides a solution to the problems that your audience face and ensure these are included to grab their attention.
  5. The main event – your reviews! – Reviews are the best part of your profile.  Encourage your customers to leave you a review on your G2 profile by sending them a link.  You can also showcase your product to your target audience, by including a ‘Read Our Reviews’ link on your website, email signature, within your campaigns and content.  You can also use G2’s tools to create content showcasing your reviews that your sales team can easily and quickly send out to prospects.
  6. Buyer intent.  If you don’t have a buyer package with G2, listen up!  Buyer intent is an incredibly powerful form of data that tells you exactly which companies are shopping for your software or your competitors on G2.  Read on to find out more.

What is G2 Buyer Intent?

G2 buyer intent data gives you insight into the companies that are researching your product, category or competitors on G2.  G2 buyer intent provides company-level data that can be used at all levels of your business, to help turn your sales, marketing and client success department be more proactive and drive better results.

  • This knowledge fuels your sales team with prospect companies that are actively shopping within your market and are ready-to-buy!
  • When prospects are in the research phase, your marketing team will be able to time their outreach perfectly and position your solution as the perfect fit to their problems.
  • This data can also be a red flag to your client success team, as you can spot current clients that are researching your competitors – a clear sign that they could be unhappy and at risk of churning.

G2 & Zymplify Partnership

Zymplify and G2 have created a unique partnership, to help you get even more out of your G2 buyer intent data.  Using Zymplify’s G2 Intent tool, we take your G2 buyer intent company data and turn this into contact-level information that fits within your target audiences, such as contact name, email address and job title.

To use our G2 Intent tool, all you have to do is:

  1. Connect your G2 profile with the Zymplify platform.
  2. Set your target audience.
  3. Reveal the contact details of the contacts you want to reach out to.
  4. You can also utilise our automation tools to nurture these prospects through email or digitals ads.
  5. Set a target score so your sales team are only reaching out to leads that are highly scored.

We can take your G2 buyer intent data and reveal multiple contacts with each company to allow an ABM approach to your marketing, making it easier for you to turn this powerful data into results – fast.  To find out more about our powerful G2 Intent tool, read our handy guide here.

To celebrate our G2 partner status, we are offering G2 clients a free 90-day trial of our platform, to show you how powerful G2 buyer intent data is when powered by Zymplify.

Book your consultation here to find out more.

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