How adopting a precision marketing approach can encourage positive collaboration between sales and marketing


Historically the battle between sales and marketing has been well documented in most companies.

Both departments in a bid to make their mark in the boardroom traditionally worked in competition and, in many cases, found it difficult to have more than a transactional relationship involving the transfer of generic information about the sales process.
In recent years savvy sales and marketing directors have not only learned, but come to value, the benefits a collaborative environment has on the bottom line.

Most marketers will have adapted automated marketing practices into their daily routine and the sales teams, in turn, have benefitted from this. In many cases, these relationships are still not fully collaborative and so neither party is getting the true benefit of the activity.

For both parties, leveling up is essential to stay ahead of the ever-changing competitive landscape.

How can they do this?

Taking your marketing one step further by adopting a precision marketing strategy is one-way sales and marketing can begin to nurture a collaborative working relationship

In general, automated marketing relies heavily on the capture, analysis, and use of historical data while precision marketing is using real-time data to meet customers where they are in the buying journey, allowing you to tailor your communications to their needs in a given moment.
In a nutshell precision marketing is about using the data you collect through data-driven marketing platforms such as Zymplify to predict and determine what content you should be serving to your prospects in order to turn them into warm and hot leads.
While automated marketing still serves an important purpose, especially for prospects or customers in the early stages of the sales funnel, precision marketing levels up your efforts for existing customers.
Precision marketing relies on analysing accurate information and data, which both departments can use to their advantage.

The next step?

It’s no secret there are many platforms across the marketing automation space that can deliver a range of the activities required for precision marketing independently.
However, pulling that data together and collating it across a variety of dashboards and platforms requires quite a bit of human resources.

With Zymplify you can put a lens over the entire market, saving marketing and sales departments the hassle of having to collate, merge and agree on the insights the data was delivered.

“Full transparency across the board enables better communication between sales and marketing” explained Zymplify’s chief marketing officer Debbie Rymer.

The results

Businesses that apply precision marketing and precision sales models see:

  • higher account lifetime value
  • shorter sales cycles and
  • an overall increase in opportunities within their pipeline
  • Where sales and marketing teams don’t have a healthy, collaborative relationship company leaders are seeing:
  • the tension between both teams
  • blame culture
  • lack of insight into what marketing activities are resonating with the customers
  • misaligned messaging, goals, and vision
  • lack of quality qualified leads
  • inability to convert leads
  • reduction in marketing content and assets
  • a one-size-fits-all model that doesn’t work being adopted
  • lack of good quality analytics
  • reduction in profitability

Whilst businesses who actively nurture a sales and marketing collaborative relationship enjoy:

  • better qualified leads
  • higher conversion rates
  • more accurate data
  • better marketing materials
  • increased revenue
  • the ability to stay ahead of the competition

By nurturing a more collaborative, rather than competitive, relationship between sales and marketing through a one-stop-shop platform like Zymplify you can help your teams to work together to capture, nurture and close prospects quicker and at scale.

You can see how it works for yourself. Our team will talk you through the platform and how it could help your business. Book a demo here today


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