A Powerful Partnership – Find Out How G2 & Zymplify Can Accelerate Your Business

Get in front of G2 intent prospects within minutes!


What is G2?


For anyone unfamiliar with G2, it’s a B2B peer review website – think about it as TripAdvisor for software and professional services companies.  1000’s of people visit this site every day to leave and read reviews about companies so they can be better informed when making that crucial decision of whether to buy or not – you may even have done this yourself!


What’s So Great About It?


In a nutshell, G2 provides you with the opportunity to access second-party buyer intent data.  Second-party simply means that the prospect is demonstrating intent to buy, outside of your website i.e. you would never have know otherwise!  G2 Buyer Intent Data is a way of identifying companies that are interested in the product or service you offer and given they are actively reading reviews it also comes with the knowledge that they are quite far down the buyer journey.  They are either in a position to buy now or will be soon!


If you are a company listed on G2 (Like us – check out our reviews!) then you will be able to get intent data based on what visitors are looking at.  Simply put, G2 can tell you which companies were looking at your profile, your competitors or your industry. Fantastic right?  So if you don't currently have a G2 profile, you should consider getting this in place asap – it's quick and easy to set up, start with a free profile then decide if you'd like to pay to access the valuable insights that Buyer Intent data can provide.  


Before making the decision to purchase G2 Buyer Intent data, you may want to consider how you can turn those prospects in to sales – fast.  What do you do with this information?

  • Option A: Your sales team could look up each prospect company identified via their website or LinkedIn and try to find lists of employees and reach out to them that way, via InMail, web contact forms etc.  In reality though, who has time for that!?  Plus the decision-maker that you ultimately want to speak to might not be listed, so how can you get to them without multiple calls to switchboard only to be blocked.
  • Option B:  Use Zymplify's automated prospecting and marketing platform.  We’ve partnered with G2 to supercharge the already amazing intent data that they are gathering, by revealing actionable contact records so you can reach out to those key decision-makers, automatically, by email, at scale.




How Does It Work?


If you have either a Pro or Power account with G2 you can connect this directly to Zymplify so that those companies signalling intent can be sent directly to your Zymplify dashboard where we can reveal contact records of the prospects you want to speak to.  You can expect to find the following properties for each contact records:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Email address (100% of contacts)
  • Phone number (~12% of contacts)
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Industry



Simply outline our target persona in our simple filter and we’ll do the rest.  You can choose from the following options to define the contacts and quantity that you would like to return:

  • Role
  • Seniority
  • Department
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Location
  • How many contacts per company


Each successfully revealed contact will use one data credit, of which you'll get 1000 free per month to use!


Now you’ve got the company level intent and an actual contact record of the prospect you want to speak to, the world is your oyster! But where do you start…


Luckily for you, Zymplify's automated journeys can take care of this for you, whether that’s sending the prospects straight to your sales pipeline or sending them relevant marketing content based on who they are or even using this data for an impactful ABM campaign.  The key takeaway here is that within minutes of prospects looking at you or your competitors on G2, you can be in front of them!  Here's an example of just how instant this process is:



What Should You be Doing with this Data?

As a G2 customer ourselves, and someone who uses this integration regularly we’ve compiled some top tips to get the most out of this great partnership.


Send Marketing Campaigns


Whether they’ve looked at your profile, your competitors or your industry they still need to know more about you. You should start all new prospects on a drip campaign about your product or service and how it could benefit them. Don’t forget to tailor the content to the individual that’ll be receiving it for maximum impact! Again this is something that Zymplify can help with by filtering prospects and sending them on different paths automatically based on who they are.


Lead Scoring 


Their intent should garner a high score initially but it’s important to score how they interact with your content – so you can gauge their interest in you and also be in a better position to serve them the content they want.


Add to Custom Audiences 


If you’re running ads in any digital platform you should be considering remarketing. Whether you are using Zymplify or not you should be adding these prospects to your remarketing lists and creating specific ads for them. You can do this either by uploading customer lists or by having remarketing pixels on your website and landing pages.


Transition to Sales Emails 


If you don’t think these prospects are ready to go straight to your sales team then why not create an automated journey that moves them from beautifully designed marketing emails to personalised one-to-one emails that look like sales outreach. This means you can transition from marketing to sales based on their score without needing any human intervention.


Send to Sales Pipeline


Whether it’s as soon as the contact record is revealed or whether you want to gauge their interest first you can automate the process of identifying sales-ready leads. You can use lead scoring models to gauge interest and then create perfect leads for your sales team!


We hope after reading this that you’ll realise the power of using G2 buyer intent and Zymplify. 

We can offer you preferential rates on G2 Buyer Intent Data along with a 90-day free trial of Zymplify (for a limited time only) – click here to find out more. 






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