How Marketing Automation and Customer Loyalty Go Hand in Hand


Marketing automation gives your business the tools it needs to gain essential insights into your customer’s journey from awareness to purchase, in real-time. You can analyse the customer data and from this trim the marketing workflow so you target your prospects at exactly the right time within their journey.

Automating your marketing helps you obtain a closed-loop approach, freeing up time for your team to analyse results and build better and more targeted content, which your prospects want to see. Stop bombarding potential customers with reused content and have the time to create planned, thought leadership pieces that will drive sales to your pipeline.

Reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks and build brand loyalty with marketing automation.

Existing customers

In today’s clustered market one of the only ways businesses can retain customers are through relationships. Centering your business around the needs and wants of your current customer base will help you realise exactly what it is your prospects are looking for. The easiest way to do this is by mapping out their customer journey.

The Zymplify Dashboard gives you the opportunity to visualise your buyer’s journey, by adding as many stages relevant to your business.

Depending on the journey your customers take, using automation you are able to support them through the different stages of this journey. Analysing this information allows you to target at the right time, delighting prospects with relevant content and creating a credible experience for the buyer. It also gives you the opportunity to detect precise moments within the customer journey that will help sculpt future campaigns.

Sales and Marketing

How many times have sales and marketing in your business discussed who generated what lead, where it originally came from, and if it was qualified? With automation, the two work together (finally). The platform lets both teams see exactly where the lead originated from and what stage it is at on the journey, meaning all communication is streamlined, creating a better and more pleasant experience for the customer.

The Buyers Funnel within the Zymplify dashboard helps Marketing and Sales work together.

Build a Personal Relationship

A lot of people think that using automation reduces the level of interaction compared to if you were manually sending emails to prospects and existing customers. However, with Marketing Automation, you can actually target prospects and customers on a more intimate level, as you will have more information about them through analysis of their customer journey. If you can see you haven’t engaged with a prospect in a number of months you can send them on a journey to reignite that conversation.

Depending on their score and the activity customers and prospects have on your site you can send them to content relevant to their needs. You can see what they are engaging with and what they are interested in. Again making your connection with them more personal and 1:1.

You can also segment your existing customer base and target them using information surrounding their demographic, usage, budget, etc to upsell, cross-sell or simply keep them on as a recurring customer, keeping them loyal to your business.

Automation gives you the ability to put closed deals into new journeys. As soon as they have bought from your business they can then be automatically transferred onto new lists where they receive content such as Newsletters. Zymplify provides ready-made newsletter templates for your business to use to speed up the process.

There are a number of templates available within the dashboard for users to edit and send to existing and new customers.

Reporting and Feedback

Marketing Automation, give you all the reporting tools you need in one place. You can see what is working within a campaign, where prospects are clicking, dropping off, and how quickly they are moving along a journey. Keeping a close eye on these reports helps engage with customers, request feedback and ensure that any problems are rectified if necessary. Using these reports you can adapt the way campaigns are being managed and test new things. Customers will also feel like they are being heard as any changes will be made.


To obtain customer loyalty, you need a retention strategy. End-to-end marketing is key, and marketing automation helps you achieve this. Creating a closed-loop strategy helps you learn from your existing customers, to achieve the loyalty of current and future prospects.

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