How Precision Marketing helps build trust and show visible ROI for your business


While many businesses are still playing catch up to the digital revolution savvy marketers who were ahead of the curve are taking their marketing one step further.

Automating your marketing processes just isn’t enough anymore, especially if you want to run marketing campaigns that reach your prospect in the right way and at the right time. Although a relatively new buzzword in the communications landscape, precision marketing is giving businesses a new edge. Keeping them one step ahead of their competitors.

And businesses that are already applying precision marketing strategies and sales models are already seeing a higher account lifetime value and increased conversion rates in their pipelines.

Access to data

The key element to precision marketing is access to real-time, verified data on your target audience. To grow at scale with data-driven precision marketing your organisation must capture data during your digital activities and analyse this data to create marketing campaigns with your goals in mind.

Platforms such as Zymplify can help you do just that. Not only do the tools available in the Zymplify platform offer marketing solutions in one dashboard but it has become a valuable end-to-end precision marketing and sales platform that will help your business scale fast.

Building trust and increasing ROI

The aim of precision marketing is to build brand awareness and increase brand loyalty. This is achieved through tailored offers, personalised deals, or relevant post-purchase messages.
So, how do you do that?

Here are 3 ways you can build trust and raise your ROI using precision marketing:

1. Consistent branding

One of the most important aspects of precision marketing after the collection of data is using that data to effectively target your content marketing. Having the right content delivered to the right person at the right time is key to the success of any precision marketing strategy.
However, when you disseminate that content it has to be “on brand”. You need to ensure your prospects are seeing your brand as it should be from day one. Having a consistent brand will nurture long term loyalty, recognisability and seamlessly draw your prospect into your funnel.
Make sure you have established your brand guidelines, tone of voice and style before you begin your precision marketing content strategy. Every interaction your organisation has with your target audience must reinforce your brand image.
In the Zymplify dashboard you can create and store all your brand assets in one central location, meaning that every employee regardless of location can access the same consistent information at the touch of a button.

2. Targeted content

Precision marketing allows you to create data-driven customer communications that engage your audience better than ever before. It allows you to reach the right person at the right time with the right content on the right channel.
Understanding your target audience means learning about their goals, challenges, and what problem they have that your product can solve. found demonstrating knowledge of your buyers and their needs is the one thing that sets winning vendors apart from the others.

Creating personas of your ideal customer for each of your market segments allows you to easily customise your campaign material. In Zymplify you can supercharge your personalised content by accessing several types of buyer intent signals.
Using all of the intent data you can create a much more intricate persona and by examining their online behaviour you can see where exactly in the customer journey they are. You can earn your customer’s trust by offering them value even before they make a purchase. Providing them with up-to-date, relevant information means you can position your organisation as an industry expert that they can rely on for information.

3. Report on your progress

Adopting precision marketing strategies and tactics will allow a collaborative approach by sales and marketing to present conversion statistics and return on investment numbers in the boardroom together.
Precision marketing is more than just automated data and number crunching. Precision marketers are more efficient and will be able to deliver a fully transparent sales and marketing funnel.
Whilst many traditional and digital marketing tactics will give you insights at various levels of the funnel, precision marketing through Zymplify will track every touchpoint along the way from stranger to customer.

With Zymplify you get all the information you could possibly need in one dashboard allowing you to produce detailed data insights at the boardroom level.
Having access to an agile system is a vital element in this process, more so, is the access to technology that not just learns at scale but is easy to use and simple to understand.

Access to up-to-date, real-time data means more efficient decision-making, less budget wastage, and quicker lead generation.
Knowing exactly how campaigns are performing at any given time gives you the ability to make executive decisions on how the budget is distributed. With on-demand data, you can easily discern metrics that measure the success of your campaigns. This means you can make the executive decision to invest more in campaigns that perform well, and make changes to the ones that fail to reach your targets.

Real-time data means you can see how your campaigns are performing every step of the way. In Zymplify you can set your dashboard to show information from the last 24 hours to selecting 30 day periods. Armed with accurate and up-to-date data, your meetings will go from trying to find out the problems with underperforming campaigns to actioning changes on the spot.
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