How Can I Find Out Which Companies are Ready to Buy?

When I first started selling in the software business back in the 1980’s (I know, prehistoric times), there were what were termed 'influencers' who helped sway potential buyers towards specific products based on their reporting on technology solutions.  


Organisations like Gartner Group and Forrester Research had dozens of research analysts who would specialise in specific product areas, write reviews of the companies with product offerings in those areas and then make them available to buyers doing research on software subscriptions.


The unsaid quid pro quo was that the companies needed to pay for a Gartner or Forrester subscription to be followed and listed in the 'magic quadrant' which slotted the tech companies into categories such as leaders, visionaries, niche players, and challengers.  The companies would come in and present to the analysts and vie for the coveted slot in the upper right quadrant (visionary/leader).


Over the last 5-10 years, the technology review business has morphed from self-proclaimed product experts at companies like Gartner to peer review sites like G2, formerly know as G2 Crowd.  Peer review is just as it sounds, people like you who are using the products leave their feedback and score products.  Think about that, the reviews are from people who have no vested interest in providing anything other than unvarnished opinions on their use of the product or service and being of value to folks who are looking to make an informed decision.


There are tens of thousands of software applications on the market, choosing the right one can be increasingly difficult with so much competition out there.  This is where G2 comes into play and helps you make your decision.


Millions of people use G2 every year to read reviews about thousands of different software products and professional services which assists these shoppers with their buying decisions.






Using G2 Buyer Intent Data


Last year, Zymplify shifted our focus to not only support businesses with marketing automation but also finding higher quality, more qualified leads – fast.  


We did that by introducing our own suite of prospect reveal tools including the ability to identify contacts based on your LinkedIn searches and website visitors.  This decision also made it a no-brainer for us to use G2’s Buyer Intent Data for our own business growth and to integrate it with our platform for our customers to benefit from also.


We are now able to get in front of prospects when they are farther along in their buying process.  Every day we receive lists of companies who have come to our G2 category, our profile or our competitor's profile on G2 to learn more about marketing automation software platforms. 


This information is pulled directly into our platform, turned in to contact email addresses, and triggered into an automated marketing journey.  This allows us to get in touch with the prospect instantly and directly, delivering them relevant content while the topic is still top of mind and, critically, before their buying decision is made.  Through these marketing journeys, we nurture the prospects and add them to remarketing audiences, whilst scoring them based on engagement levels.  Once the prospect has a high enough lead score, they get sent to our sales team's pipeline, for them to close the deal. 


What we have found is that both the size and quality of our pipeline has improved tremendously and helped us to quadruple the size of our average deal.  The customers we land are more committed to our offerings, have personnel prepared to make use of our product more effectively, and are a lot stickier; one of the key objectives that any SaaS vendor aspires to.


For Zymplify, G2 has become both a critical part of our sales and marketing efforts, but also a core part of our product.   If you too would like to use the power of G2 Buyer Intent Data to find and contact prospects that are in-market for products or services like yours, why not speak to us and we'll show you how to set it up – fast! 


To find out more about our partnership with G2 as well as our 90-day free Zymplify trial for G2 customers click here.








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