Introducing Intent Signals For Better Marketing And Sales Strategies


Marketing technology is advancing at a remarkable pace with evolving consumer trends and increasing access to customer data. Businesses that embrace data in their strategies, learn how to manage all the information, analyse the data and act on the insights can achieve considerable competitive advantage

Todays’ buyers are presented with marketing and sales content from a variety of channels, multiple times a day. This constant bombardment of information leaves your consumers in a state of content shock, where they receive ever-increasing amounts of content that intersects with their capacity to consume it.

Customers are becoming savvier about the marketing communications they receive and the content they choose to consume, so to ensure your content stands out and grabs their attention, it must be highly relevant to their needs.

It must be exactly what they are looking for, right where they are looking for it.

Precision strategies, be it sales or marketing rely on precision data. Access to all types of consumer data can give you the insight you need for successful prospecting.

Buyer intent signals in particular can provide invaluable insights into where your prospects are in their customer journey and in turn guide your marketing and sales strategies.

Here are 6 types of B2B intent signals that you should track for better precision sales and marketing strategies:

1. Competitive Engagement

Monitor your prospects’ competitive engagement to learn when they are engaging with your competitors online, using a set of keywords specific to your products or industry.
You can access third-party conversational-type intent information from industry forums, social media, and other online sources. These include the posts that they like, comments they leave, topics they interact with, or even questions they ask.
This is the perfect opportunity to see if prospects in your market are satisfied with your competitors’ products or if they have any issues for which you can offer your product as a solution.

2. Keywords

If you have a website, you are more than likely to have a set of SEO keywords. Use these industry-specific keywords to identify interested leads and find out where they are in their customer journey based on the type of intent they indicate.
Once you understand your customers’ search query you can map them into your sales funnel and you can start to create content or target audiences with relevant ads that match where your buyer is in their buying cycle.

3. Recruitment

Do you want to know if your target organisation had any movement in the decision-making process? Monitoring their recruitment processes will tell you just that.
New hires with fresh ideas might want to invest in new solutions. If your team is aware of any potential purchasing they can reach out at this crucial stage and get ahead of the competition.

4. Events

Industry professionals with purchasing power use trade shows for networking. Getting access to contact details for all these professionals gives a significant boost to your prospecting.
Tracking the official hashtags or online check-ins for these events means you can get direct access B2B buyers with buying authority and target them with sales and marketing messages directly.

5. Growth signals

Expanding businesses, changes in leadership, or access to funding can signal B2B buyer intent.
Keeping tabs on growth signals that indicate the potential for investing in a new product, service or solutions can again give you the perfect opportunity to reach out with targeted content.

6. New Technologies

Adopting new technologies can trigger intent signal tools to indicate changes and recently added tracking codes to company websites. If you know a business has recently invested in new technology, you can reach out to complimentary service users to send them competitive offers, or propose complementary services.

With Zymplify, you can easily monitor any changes in your target organisation on a single platform. Besides tracking Intent Signals, you can take advantage of 6 additional tools to supercharge your prospecting:

Contact search
LinkedIn Lookup
Domain Lookup
Topic Intent
G2 Intent
Website Intent tools

Enhance your first-party data and access up to date and verified second and third-party information on a single dashboard.
Through integration with industry-leading data platforms, Zymplify can give you unrivaled access to valuable buyer intent data.

With Zymplify you get access to:

✅ 400m B2B business profiles complete with phone numbers and email addresses
✅ 50b+ content signals which monitor intent topics and provide additional layers of intent by highlighting high-value content consumption across over 5k sites
✅ 20m+ intent signals for monitoring competitors, keywords, corporate events, job postings, and company growth signals
✅ 5K+ B2B content sites for comprehensive coverage across all the major B2B content sites

Are you ready to see where precision data can take you?

Book a Free no-obligation demo with a Zymplify team member to talk through what the Zymplify Platform can do for you!

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