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We are so excited to launch the brand new Zymplify Academy. We are passionate about our clients, and while we are here to ‘do everything for you’, we also love teaching our clients to create effective digital marketing campaigns that they can replicate on their own, at any time, using the Zymplify platform.

That’s why we’ve been working on our academy over the last few months, and we’re so excited to show it off to our clients.

The Online Zymplify Academy is here to train you to become a competent user.

Our team is always here to help you grow your business, but we also know that some of you just want to get on with it yourselves. By introducing the academy, it eliminates the need to ring, or email, when you need support or assistance.

The Zymplify Academy has modules for every section of the dashboard so that you can become fully proficient in every aspect of the Zymplify methodology.

The Zymplify methodology lets you:

  • Identify the perfect customer
  • Attract them via the right channels
  • Engage with them through attractive landing pages, pop-ups and web forms etc
  • Nurture leads through your Buyer’s Funnel
  • Convert more leads, and turn them into loyal customers
  • Measure every digital interaction, from the first click to close

Interactive and informative training, you don’t just watch, you take part and take control of your own learning process.

We understand that people can find learning videos incredibly boring – we’ve all been there. We’ve made our Zymplify Academy as interactive as possible, to engage you and your team and let you really understand the power of the platform.

You are involved throughout the entire process and take control of the training. Be the master of your own learning process.

Practice how to use your Zymplify dashboard in a simulation without the worry of making a mistake in the real-world platform.

Marketing automation can seem a little overwhelming to smaller business; we understand that. That’s why we have brought in the Zymplify academy, to give you an overview of what you can expect with Zymplify.

You can play with it, and make mistakes, in the comfort of your own office without the worry of making a mistake. You’ll also be able to do it as many times as you need to, without worrying about keeping your other team members back.

The training is broken down into small bite-sized training modules for your convenience.

There is nothing more boring and counter-productive than a long, tedious training session. That’s why we’ve broken our Zymplify Academy down into bite-sized training modules that you can pick up and drop off as and when you need them.

They only take a few minutes and give you all the information you need to use the Zymplify dashboard in real-life situations.

Retake a training module in the Zymplify Academy at any time to refresh your knowledge on that area.

The world of digital marketing is growing every day, and it can be difficult to keep up. With that, comes growing teams, and a regular influx of new team members. Your Zymplify Academy will always be available to you and your team, no matter when you sign up for the platform. You can teach new staff members or go back and give yourself a refresh in a particular area.

If you want to see the Zymplify Academy for yourself, signup for a no-obligation, 14-day free trial and start learning today.  

If you’re already a client, you’ll find it in the top right-hand corner of the following areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Identify
  • Attract

The full academy will be rolled out in the coming weeks. We’d love to know what you think of it so far, get in touch with your Client Success Executive and give us some feedback.

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