Make Your G2 Buyer Intent Data Work For You, Even When You’re Not

This blog has been written by our VP of Sales, Steve Lesser. Here’s what Steve has to say about G2 Buyer Intent powered by Zymplify, during this current climate:

If you are like me and have been in the sales arena for many years and thought you had seen all kinds of ups and downs, had all different curveballs thrown at you and survived the hardest of challenges.  That was until everyone’s business was tested with a worldwide pandemic.

Business doesn’t stop, even when your physical workplace may not be open.  Products are still made, buyers are still buying and they need to be educated on your offerings and salespeople need to sell to them.  How do you find those businesses that are looking at, or interested in, your products?  How do you reach out to them when your sales team is not running at 100 percent?  Read on – we have the answer…

G2 is a review website, namely for software and technology companies.  There are tens of thousands of software applications on the market but choosing the right one can be increasingly difficult with so much competition out there.  This is where G2 comes into play, to help businesses make an informed decision based on peer-to-peer reviews.  A good analogy would be to think of it like Trip Advisor, except for businesses that are reviewing the software before making the all-important buying decision.

Over 3 million people use G2 every month to read and write authentic reviews about thousands of different software products and professional services.  There are over 1 million reviews on the site to date, which helps B2B professionals all over the world make smarter buying decisions.

Using G2 Buyer Intent Data

Many technology companies list their offerings on G2, enabling prospects to review their products.  This allows buyers searching for information on a software solution to begin their research by comparing different vendors on the G2 platform.  Many G2 customers then pay to access this data – the information on the buyers actively researching their G2 profile, their competitors or any within their category.  This is called ‘G2 Buyer Intent Data’.  After all, doesn’t it make sense to market to prospects who have already shown initial intent to buy, by using the G2 platform as part of their initial research?

The challenge then becomes what to do with all of this insightful raw data which comes in the form of a company list.

Perhaps before you were just handing the company names over to your sales team, tasking them with trying to find who within that company had been doing the research.  This can be a slow process and often the decision is made before you find them and reach them.  Especially now, with both your sales team and your prospective relevant buyers out of the office for the foreseeable future, how do you reach out and contact them – fast?

That is where the Zymplify platform comes in.


Combining the Power of G2 Intent Data with Zymplify’s G2 Intent Tool & Automated Journeys

If you’re a G2 Buyer Intent customer, G2 will send you buyer intent data on a daily basis, showing you the company information of who has visited your profile or researched your specific category on G2.  This is incredibly powerful data, as it shows the companies who are interested or shopping for your product or researching your industry.

However – this is company-level data, so it shows company names, not contact information.  This is where Zymplify can help.

Zymplify’s G2 Intent Tool automatically connects your G2 account with the Zymplify platform.  We can then pull in contact-level data that you request, such as names and contact information tied to specific job titles, i.e., contact-level information for your specific target audience within companies that are shopping for your product or service.  How awesome is that??

But what do you do with all of this data now that you have it?  With no marketing or sales teams to action the data, what can you do?

The beauty of using Zymplify’s marketing automation is that you can eliminate the human steps when the human piece is not available (or even when it is!).  The contact data you receive from Zymplify’s G2 Intent Tool can be automatically inputted onto an automated marketing and sales journey, sending out emails instantly, hitting their inbox while they are still researching.

Then based on what kind of action or behaviour the recipient takes, you can send them further content, eject them from the journey, put them on a different journey or send a hot lead directly to your sales team who can now reach out, after they have been automatically nurtured and warmed up.  These prospects now know who you are, and are interested in your offer – all your sales team have to do is close the deal!

Automate Marketing & Sales Outreach to Your G2 Buyer Intent Data Prospects

Having run sales organisations in high tech for 35 years, I know how hard it is to get qualified leads.  These days, your average prospect is more educated about yours and your competitor’s products, they are harder to reach and, in most cases, they do the majority of their research themselves without you ever having a chance to get in front of them.  So it is business-critical that you are in front of them when they are in this research phase.

As a small company based out of Northern Ireland, we have learned first hand the importance of getting our product offerings in front of the right people at the right time.  Thanks to our automated platform, we have not missed a beat even as our sales team and prospects now work remotely.

We have found that open rates on emails have risen and people have more time to research right now – we are taking advantage of this fact and are targeting with laser-like focus on prospects that we have a good idea are in the market looking for marketing automation solutions.

For Zymplify, that means using G2 Intent Data married with Automated Journeys and nurturing, to reach those ready-to-buy prospects with targeted content.  Many of those prospects reach out to us directly and we are in touch with them when they are ready to hear our product story.  Quite often these prospects convert very quickly into a sale also!

If you would like to see how this can work for you, please sign up for a free consultation and make use of our 90-days free offer for G2 customers.

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