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“Content is King” – Bill Gates, 1996.  It was true then and even more so today.  Content really is the core of a compelling, winning marketing strategy.  There should be lots of it, tailored to meet the needs of your target personas at the various stages of their journey.

Your marketing team perhaps already has a fantastic marketing plan to create and share some wonderful content – but wait – where does all this content live, especially in the new world of remote work?

If your manager wanted to find all your content and get an overview of everything the team has been working on – what one location would you direct them to?

What happens if your lead content creator leaves the business, or is perhaps on temporary furlough, taking all your wonderful content with them, stored on their local drives?

How would you feel if you found out (way too late), that your sales team has been sharing an out-dated brochure, including old pricing or policies?

The answer to these issues is a Content Management System (CMS) or to Zymplify it – A Content Hub.

Think of this as an online folder, for all your content – one central location that is always accessible.  As soon as a piece of content has been finalised by the marketing team, it gets uploaded into the Content Hub, for the entire team – your manager, the sales team, the marketing team – to access and share via an online link or download.

The Zymplify platform offers you exactly this – and that’s one small tool within our all-in-one Marketing platform – check out what else we have in store for you here.


So, how can the Zymplify Content Hub help you manage your content, even remotely?

  1. Access and manage your content anytime, from anywhere.  Whether you’re at home, on the road, or at a coffee shop in Timbuktu, you can access, upload or distribute your content quickly and easily.
  2. Share your content freely.  Whether it’s a client or a team member, you can quickly download a file from your content hub, or better yet, send them a link to the file that they can access online from any device.
  3. Simple and straightforward organisation – no more duplicate or outdated files stored in multiple locations.  We’ve been there!  That moment when you realise that a campaign has gone out with an out-dated piece of content attached.  Put this problem to bed with a Content Hub that you manage and can rest easy knowing all your content is up to date.
  4. Everything in one place.  If anyone requests absolutely any piece of your content – you’ll know where it is!  In fact, they probably won’t even need to ask as the full team will have access to the one Content Library.
  5. Control exactly what documents are being shared and ensure all content is up to date.  If there’s an old pricing document that keeps getting shared, put a stop to it by simply deleting it from your content hub and replacing it with the latest and greatest version.
  6. Find files fast. No more emailing round the team to find the final version of a file – simply head to the Content Hub and use the search features or folders to easily navigate and find it fast.
  7. Rich asset management.  Manage content such as your YouTube videos all in one place.  Perhaps you have a product demo video that you’d like everyone to see and use in campaigns – well your content hub is the place to store it.
  8. Manage your brand the right way.  No more diluting your brand image and reputation with old branded documents being put out in the ether, keep your brand strong with up-to-date, beautiful, content all stored in your central Content Hub.

Our experts host regular webinars discussing content management and demand generation – click here to find out more.

When do you need to invest in a content hub?

Now! Today!  Think about how your team currently manages its digital assets.

How do you share, find and distribute these assets?

Is it resource-intensive to find your content?

If it takes more than a couple of seconds to find and share your content, it takes too long – our hub will help. With tools for organising and searching, your team won’t have to waste valuable time hunting for files.

Zymplify’s content hub will save you time, effort and headaches by managing all your content in one easy-to-use area. If you’ve recognised your organisation in even one of the scenarios listed above then you need to consider a solution. Trust us – you won’t look back.

Zymplify has been recognised by review site G2 as having the fastest implementation time in the marketing automation category.  Our expert team can help set up automated prospecting, marketing and sales follow-up to leads within days.

Don’t forget, we’re offering you a free one-to-one consultation with our marketing experts to advise you on how to boost your business, even during the current climate. Book your consultation now, slots are limited!


Free Marketing Consultation
Free Marketing Consultation

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