Work Smarter, Not Harder – The Only Way to Beat Your Competitors

Sometimes an idea drops into your lap that changes the way you work forever. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you never look back. Today is one of those days.
The best kept secret in marketing is a set-up that revolutionises your work routine so you don’t sweat it on the small tasks which eat into your team’s week. It’s the whole reason they can spend their time creating stand-out content and incubating their creativity to better hook your prospects.
How? Adapt to a work smarter, not harder mindset and save time and money in the process. 
It’s doing more with less. And we can show you how.


How to do more with less?

Decades of marketing competition has set the tone for working around the clock and flushing money down the drain by putting more bums at desks. In reality, the only way to beat your competitors is to do what everyone else isn’t – by doing more with less.
If you strive to bank the hours worked and save the pennies spent then you claw back the output – and your results will come easier, cheaper and faster.
Think of it this way: time and money are two currencies which need to be spent wisely and planned strategically. And no – number crunching isn’t down to the finance department! If you can reduce the cost of your marketing and reduce the time it takes to produce results – then you’re on to a winning combination.

Get your time back

If you’re well-versed in our content, then you know how much we love to bang on about saving time. But saving time really is the cure-all for delivering better results, producing better work and making more profit.
It works in reverse of “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”, and instead, it’s more like “you don’t know what you’ve lost, ‘til you save it!” Once you start saving minutes wasted on thankless manual tasks, you realise just how many hours of the week you can claim back as time better spent elsewhere. Your team can then work on the ideation and out-of-the-box thinking that puts your product and services lightyears ahead of your competitors in the first place.
To start saving time, you need to take one simple step: invest in an automation platform. 

(Cue the shameless plug…but who can blame us, we’re proudly biased!) 

Zymplify offers the most cost-effective platform on the market, so you can build your own end-to-end MarTech tools to best support your buyer journey at every step of the way.

How does marketing automation save you time?

  • Find your prospects: our platform works 24/7 to source your prospects and nudges them into your buyer’s funnel even when your team are clocked off
  • Schedule social media posts: once your ideal prospects are in your funnel, we can automate the delivery of your content. From blogs to catalogues, we deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right prospect – every time
  • Manage your database: we keep your lists up to scratch and regularly updated to reflect personas, locations, lead score, client detail, intent and more. You set the rules, Zymplify does the work
  • Update your contact records: any time one of your prospects or leads update their contact details, our tools scour the internet to update your records with the most up-to-date contact details
  • Send out emails: who wouldn’t love to save time on email scheduling? It’s the bane of every marketer’s existence. With Zymplify, you can schedule email campaigns a month in advance so you can schedule a month’s worth of email content in one sitting. Our emailing tools allow you to set the rules for retargeting so you can contact those who haven’t opened, clicked or visited a certain page
  • Score and identify leads: instead of predicting when a lead is edging closer to a sale, our lead scoring can tell you when a lead is cold (time to deliver content) or hot (time to pitch a sale) – so you never strike a sale too soon!

These tasks should never be ones your team are doing manually. If they are, you’re wasting time and money (and testing your team’s patience!)
Let the robots do the manual slog for you and transform repetitive tasks into exciting check-ins with your Zymplify dashboard, where you can watch your prospects funnel directly into leads, entirely at your command.
Your team’s best ideas don’t come from staring at a screen and scrolling aimlessly in a quest to manually tidy lists or find your prospects. Their best ideas come when they're armed with the time to ideate. Your team’s creativity will burst into life once the monotony of manual tasks are taken off their to-do lists – watch your success metrics get a mega-boost as a result!  

Maximise your spend/Maximise your savings

You don’t need us to tell you that buying cold data lists is the quickest way to lose money – you’ll know that from the ill-matched prospects you’ve tried to push down your funnel and the leads who are so cold they’re absolutely freezing.
Our prospecting software means you’ll never buy a cold data list again because our Buyer Intent tools have eyes directly on the prospects who are matched with your ideal personas. We can reveal the contact details from your lead searches and create an actionable database of contacts, so you can plug each prospect into an automated email campaign and score their activity. In the time it’s taken you to read this blog, our tools could have done that for around 20 of your prospects!
Remarketing is critical in making your campaigns a success and not a missed opportunity. The strength of your remarketing will mitigate the risk of wasting spend on targeting people who are anything but interested. For example: when someone opens your email, we’ll add them to your ‘Customer Lists’ on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so your spend is targeted on an already engaged prospect which minimises the risk of wasted money.
With Zymplify, you can grow your remarketing audiences safe in the knowledge that you’re not wasting time on unmatched prospects. Instead, you’re putting your content in front of people who are searching for the solution you have to offer.
With all the saved time in finding prospects, your team can find the best way of making sure your content appeals to your prospects over your competitors – which is really the only thing in marketing that matters!
But don’t take our word for it, book a demo today and see how Zymplify can save you time and money – plus supercharge your results.

Get Real Leads Real Fast.

Did you know that Zymplify’s one stop system can find prospects for you and warm them up ready for sales. Find out how.

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