Meet the Team Monday: Client Success Executive, Grace

Happy Monday everyone from the team here at Zymplify – we hope you’ve had a great weekend and are feeling motivated and fired up for the week ahead. Today’s blog post is the next in our ‘Meet the Team’ blog series. We’re going to introduce you to our team over the next few months, so you can get to know us a little bit better.

We really value our talented team here at Zymplify, which we’re actually expanding at the minute. You can check out our Careers page here.

This week we’re chatting to Grace, from our Client Success team.

What is your position at Zymplify?
Client Success Executive

How long have you worked here?
My 1 year anniversary was last month.
What does a typical day at Zymplify involve?
Providing services and support to clients using our incredible platform. That can be anything from on-boarding calls to strategy sessions, building and launching multi-channel campaigns.
How/Why did you get into Digital Marketing?
It’s the future! I used to run my own business, I really struggled to stay on top of my channels and digital presence as well as running the business. I saw it as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about digital marketing to the point it changed my entire career as I know it’s necessary for any businesses to survive in the technology age.
What did you study at university?
Real Estate Management at John Moore’s University, Liverpool.
What do you enjoy the most about your job?
Seeing campaigns that I have aided clients with bring in the leads they want.
What’s the most challenging part?
When clients don’t see the potential and embrace it to the fullest.
What kind of skills do you think you need to succeed in Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing moves super fast so firstly, don’t worry about not being at the cutting edge. The most important skill is the desire to keep an eye on the trends and thought leaders.  And of course to find the most efficient way to take action!

Quick Fire Questions – pick one or the other:

Chocolate or Crisps?
Wine or beer?
Summer or Winter?
Facebook or Instagram?
iOS or Android?
New clothes or new phone?
Football or Rugby?
Online shopping or shopping in store?
Housecoat or dressing gown?
Both! The Scouse bird in me says housecoat but my Irish side says dressing gown!
Tea or Coffee?

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