Meet the Team Monday: Digital Marketing Manager

We really value our talented team of vibrant digital marketers, and we thought we’d introduce them to you. These are the people our clients work with every day to ensure their campaigns and digital marketing efforts are growing and generating leads and sales. Over the next few months, we’ll introduce our team and you can get to know us a little bit better. This week is…

Gavin Greer, our Digital Marketing Manager.

What is your position at Zymplify? 

I was a Client Success Executive, but recently changed roles and I’m now the Digital Marketing Manager.

How long have you worked here? 

18 months

What does a typical day at Zymplify involve? 

I start off my day by answering client emails and checking their dashboards to see if they have active campaigns to monitor performance.

Then move on to either working on one of my projects (onboarding process now) or delivering our marketing services to clients, which could include building out campaigns myself, strategy meetings or briefing other departments on what’s needed.

How/Why did you get into Digital Marketing?

I really enjoy using all the different types of software that comes with working in the digital world. Also, I like the creativity that comes with creating and delivering campaigns

What did you study at university? 

Media and Communications.

What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

Creating and executing the actual campaigns.

What’s the most challenging part? 

I suppose creating proposals for clients because they are all so different – we don’t do one size fits all pitches!

It’s challenging to create strategic plans but ultimately very rewarding when I work out what’s best for them.

What kind of skills do you think you need to succeed in Digital Marketing? 

You really need to embrace the ‘new’, it’s a cliché to say everything changes so quickly but it’s true. There are also new ways of doing things and new software/technology to learn.

Quick Fire Questions – pick one or the other:

Chocolate or Crisps? 

That’s like Sophie’s choice!

Wine or beer? 

Beer, preferably a Pale Ale.

Summer or Winter? 

I’ll pick autumn if you don’t mind!

Facebook or Instagram?

Insta because there’s less complaining on it.

iOS or Android?


New clothes or new phone? 

Clothes, I really expanded my hoody collection.

Football or Rugby? 


Online shopping or shopping in store? 

Online of course, we are a digital marketing company after all

Housecoat or dressing gown?

Don’t start this again…
*Edit: This is an ongoing office debate. What do you call it?

Tea or Coffee? 


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