The Mundane Marketing Tasks that are Zapping Your Team’s Creativity & Results

How many moments have we all had where we look at the time and say “where on earth has the time gone?” 

If time feels like it’s constantly slipping between your fingers, it’s because your team are pouring hours into thankless tasks that could be better streamlined to work with you and not against you.

When you work with a time conscious mindset, you immediately optimise the calibre of work you’re team are able to produce in a day.


These are the top five areas you need to dust off the clock.

1.  Finding Prospects

First and foremost, if you’re resigned to a task being time consuming by default, then you’re signing your hours away right from the word “go”. Prospecting is one of those tasks, but we promise it can be an easy one! And we bet it’s far easier than you expect it to be.

Let’s look at your key sources for prospecting: LinkedIn and your website visitors.

LinkedIn is a brilliant platform chock-full of your target personas and potential prospects, but to find them, you have to search for them and searching for them is hours and hours of scroll time. Factor in the time spent connecting with your prospects and those hours and hours soon become days and days. Before you know it – it’s Friday and you’ve spent the majority of your week on prospecting and prospecting alone. 

Using Zymplify’s LinkedIn Prospector, you can create actionable contact records at scale (game changer!).

Secondly, let’s look at your website. It’s a lead magnet in disguise. We say “in disguise”, because it’s literally hiding the details of every visitor who comes on to your platform. Imagine if you could peer behind the curtain of the leads already active on your space and engaging with your website content?! We have the tools to turn anonymous visits into actionable insights. But did we mention HOW? We give you access to an invaluable database, full of contact details about your visitors. 

How do these two tools help you save time? When you transfer your LinkedIn and website prospecting to Zymplify, you give it a detailed ideal persona list to do the job for you. In half the time. All the time. Even when you’re not working, Zymplify robots are ticking away on the long-term, saving you time and delivering the prospect goods.

2.  Managing Lists

Lists. Subscriber lists. Bounce lists. Targeting lists. Even the word “list” sounds monotonous. It conjures up images of lengthy to-dos and data records, and without regularly updating, they can trip us up in the long-run. And what does that lead to? Even more time spent picking apart the finer details in order to stay relevant.  
How do you expedite the management of your lists without ambling through time-greedy maintenance?
Using an automation platform (doesn’t have to be Zymplify, but we’re a little bit biased), you can shuffle your contacts around your database based on location, intent, lead score, client status and more. You set up the rules to dictate how the automation organises all of your data. It can update client lists at the push of a button, so your watch can breathe a sweet sign of relief that list management is another thing taken off your to-do list. 

3.  Sending Emails

When we’re feeling witty and on top of our word game, writing emails can be so much fun. It’s the creative flair we signed up for when we stepped into the world of marketing. But what takes the fun straight of emailing is when our time is spent setting up the sending schedule.  

Instead of the fine tuning of word play and feeling on top of our game with email design, we’re spending more time working out the scheduling. Only to repeat again a week later.

Not with Zymplify (bet you knew that was coming)! Zymplify’s automated journeys can schedule your email campaigns for months in advance and allows you to set the rules for retargeting those who didn’t open, click or visit a certain page. 

Voila – some more hours saved in your time bank!

4.  Scheduling social media posts

Much like emails, the creation of social media content is at the heart and soul of marketing. Your social media posts are how you connect with your audiences and it’s how you have the conversations that can nudge your leads swiftly towards a purchase – while gaining you credibility points in the process. 
The actual scheduling of your social media posts? Not as fun. And feels seemingly endless. You need to be using a social media planner to make this a quick and easy task. Or you could use a platform which helps manage your social media scheduling, at the same time as your wider campaign management and prospecting monitoring – like Zymplify.

5.  Generating Reports

Ah – the reporting! All of the above would be totally pointless if your reporting didn’t benchmark your successes and point out your pitfalls. Reporting should be something we all love! If it’s not, it’s because you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re using more than one platform for reporting, then you’re fighting a losing battle and wasting your time as a result. If you were to total up the number of hours you spend clicking from dashboard and dashboard, it’s staggering. Not only that – your focus swings from the good stuff of data mining into navigating a maze of report stats. So much lost time!

With Zymplify, your automation, scheduling, processing and reporting is all in one space. You can stay within the one platform to find it all – from where the prospects came from, to what email they opened, to what webpage they visited and how quickly they journeyed from prospect to lead, lead to client.

It’s time to get your time back. It’s time to Zymplify.


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