Thrive Case Study

Thrive Case Study

Before converting to Zymplify, Kristie Perrotte, Managing Director and Founder of Thrive Marketing Communications Agency, was looking for a tool that would revitalise their clients’ extensive databases of cold data.

And the results speak for themselves, despite the challenges of a global pandemic, Thrive delivered 15,126 leads to their clients and with the help of Zymplify’s reveal tools, completely transformed a clients’ cold data list of 500 contacts growing it to an incredible database of 12,000 leads, while they also achieved a 45% click through rate for one of their clients’ campaigns with the help of automated prospecting and automated email journeys.

Download the Thrive Case Study to discover how Zymplify played  a crucial role in helping Thrive scale their clients’ business development efforts via our marketing automation and reveal tools.

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