Sales Directors: Don’t Fall Into The Tech Trap

Technology is at the epicentre of life as we know it. We can’t avoid it. Our digital campaigns exist within it. Our connection to our customers thrives because of it. It has single-handedly expanded our potential and we owe our successes to the development of everyday tech.

But we also owe it to the pitfalls of our biggest struggles. Friend or foe – technology has the potential to straddle either sphere depending on how we use it.

Our reliance on Sales and MarTech offers a unique opportunity to maximise our marketing activations and sales conversions. But ask yourself this: are you navigating the sales and marketing tech space with a clear strategy for how you’ll use it so it doesn’t use you? 

You know the cost of your marketing technologies makes a dent in your revenue stream. But what happens when the costs start outweighing the sales? How do you claw yourself out of a process which oversells and underdelivers? 

A Time Strapped Sales Team = Less Sales 

Speak to our experts to find out which subscriptions you could cull to save time and money fast, while increasing sales.

We’re inundated with more sales and marketing tech solutions now than we have ever been. Research shows that in the past five years, 7,034 marketing technology platforms have sprouted up. From content creation, to lead gen, through to management and advertising, how could you not feel tempted to outsource the manual labour of your campaign admin by whipping it into an algorithm that works 100x faster than you can? We get it – we’ve been there.

But once you sign up for multiple tech platforms across individual channels, you unintentionally overburden your sales team with a bureaucratic process of trawling through digital paper trails, sifting through dashboard streams and hunting out leads in a minefield of tech…just to process a single sale.

You’re shifting your team’s focus from making sales to hunting for leads in a self-made maze of tech. Instead of upscaling your deals, you’re maximising the risk of lost opportunity. 

Speed is the new sales and marketing evolution and speed means all functions in one space. The good news? That platform already exists. It’s called Zymplify.

Don't burden your sales team with scouring multiple platforms for leads, let them come to them.

Using Zymplify’s software, you can drive demand through a funnel which nurtures your prospects from a targeted persona right through the pipeline to a red-hot lead.

Zymplify is easy to use with everything automated in an end-to-end system. When we say everything, we mean everything: prospecting, CRM, content delivery, multi-channel targeting, Buyer Intent Data, consistent lead scoring, sales activity management and website, email and social media marketing.

Our system gives your sales team total visibility of your buyer funnel with clear cut signals when a lead has been nurtured towards their first sale – making your speed of converting to a sale even faster.

With all the time freed up from mining multiple platforms, your team can focus on funnel optimisation with less leads leaking from your pipeline. You owe it to them to expand their potential, not hinder it by outdated processes.

For a very affordable monthly cost you can integrate, automate, and execute your marketing campaigns and sales processes seamlessly. One simple cost structure makes number crunching less of a nightmare and balancing your ROI more of a dream.

If you want to supercharge your journey today and grow your sales revenue, let one of our team take you on a Zymplify demo. We make it easy to implement – so much so, you’ll see the impact in a matter of days.

Make sales with your eyes closed – and do it fast, with Zymplify. 

Ride a tiger, not a turtle. 

Get Real Leads Real Fast.

Did you know that Zymplify’s one stop system can find prospects for you and warm them up ready for sales. Find out how.

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