The Importance of Creating Personas for Your Business


If you work in, or with someone in sales and marketing you may have heard the term Persona a few times. The importance of personas for businesses is usually overlooked. You may create personas for a particular task or campaign however, for this exercise to be beneficial to your business, a lot of time and research is required. The more effort you put into creating personas the more results you will generate.

What is a persona?

First, let’s understand exactly what a persona is; They are simply fictional characters created for a business to represent certain groups or customers. And their sole purpose is to get a deeper understanding of exactly what the target market wants from your business. They define who you are trying to reach.

Personas give the business (not just the marketing department) a better understanding of exactly who they what to target, so getting different departments on board to help with the research is key as you don’t want to leave a stone unturned.

How does it benefit my business?

When a persona is finalised, marketing and sales will then be able to target these groups more specifically and manage what content they are exposed to. Businesses have insights into their wants and needs and will be more resourceful, as they will not exhibit products or services unrelated to this certain category of customer. Your social and blog should solely attract your target persona, simple as that.

When creating your content plan, your personas will come into action. Using the information you have found out you can create a blog and social posts that directly relate to your target persona. Businesses tend to forget that their customers are actual people. Sales and marketing can get caught up in the numbers without realising that each number is a human being. Your persona will help target the human behind the number as you have identified their emotional need for your product or service.

Zymplify’s platform walks users through the Persona Building exercise, to help create relevant business personas.

Stand out from your competition.

Businesses within any profession have tough competition as markets are overcrowded and messaging diluted. Ensuring your customers are seeing content, receiving email, and getting their questions answered is vital.

 “Only 44 percent of B2B marketers use personas”

Using your personas you are able to achieve this. Your clients will want to click on the content you are sending out in the hope their problems are heard and are being solved. When you focus on the problems your customer faces while your competition focuses on shouting about how great they are, you’re reaching your prospects before they even know they need you. This is key.

Will they change?

The simple answer is yes, just because you have created your personas doesn’t mean they won’t grow, evolve and adapt, just as people do, to new technology, problems, and trends. You may discover new campaigns or realise a previous persona no longer fits with the market you want to target. Your campaigns and content should alter with your personas and research should never cease.

To find out more about how you can build your business personas with Zymplify, contact one of our team now for a free no-obligation demo!

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