The Importance of Sales Activity Management in a Remote Working World

Sales & working remotely has always been somewhat at odds with one another. Skeptics will say that salespeople working alone & remotely is a recipe for failure, but research indicates that remote sales boost productivity, lowers stress, increases employee retention & reduces carbon emissions (no more driving from meeting to meeting!).

Regardless of opinion, remote working has been forced upon sales teams globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic and sales consultants, managers & leaders have undergone a rapid period of adjustment to their daily workflow. Zoom is the new boardroom, and millions of ££s of deals are being closed every day through virtual meeting platforms.

In this new & bizarre world we all find ourselves in, effectively managing your time & workload is still one of the most crucial aspects of sales.

At Zymplify we’re using a variety of different tools to keep team engagement & activity high – from slack channels to daily zoom ‘scrums’. Managing & tracking personal and/or team activity is doubly important as at-home distractions can be disastrous for productivity. 

One of the most crucial aspects of sales success in a remote working world is activity management. The simple yet powerful formula of setting daily activity KPI’s means that the sales pipeline is constantly being progressed, and prospects are speaking with sales consultants regularly to move opportunities forward. Managers and leaders in sales should be measuring their team's productivity on a daily basis, and ensuring that the fundamentals are being achieved consistently. 

Sales consultants benefit from activity management also. It helps to plan out there day, keep laser-focused on the next action, and creates a sense of achievement as each activity is checked off. 

Good sales activity management results in:
•    Increased Productivity
•    Better Time Management
•    Accountability for Personal Performance
•    Increased Customer Engagement
•    Increase Sales Wins
•    Faster Sales Cycles
•    Improved Employee Engagement

And who doesn’t want that?

To find out more about Zymplify’s Sales hub, including all activity tracking and management tools available, speak to a member of our team.

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