The Marketing Methodology You Need to Scale Your Business Fast

This isn’t another blog post about what marketing tactics you should be using, or what metrics you should be checking weekly. This post is about implementing a winning marketing methodology, being vigilant in seeing it through, and seeing the amazing results it will have on your ability to scale your business. You want to get in front of your target market, grab their attention, and engage with them, right? You’re probably thinking ‘we do this already’ but the question is, are you doing it at scale? Generating leads and prospects at scale, and we mean supercharging your qualified lead generation, is what’s going to take your business to the next level.

  • But how do you do this in a cost-effective and streamlined way?
  • How do you ensure your marketing and sales team are bought into how you do this?
  • And how do you measure your results?

You do it all with Zymplify. Zymplify is an automated lead generation and prospect nurturing platform that frees up resources, is time and cost efficient, and highly effective at engaging with the right prospect, at the right time, with the right message – ensuring your marketing team’s efforts generate qualified leads and your sales team deal with ‘hot’ leads who are ready to purchase.


Doesn’t sound like a revolutionary approach? Honestly, it’s not. It’s something we should be doing all the time. It’s something most of us are doing all the time, but using older methods – that may work – but are resource drains, slower to implement, take longer to generate results, and with lower conversion rates. Zymplify’s methodology is unique.

You start with your marketing personas. If you don’t know what these look like, then you’re currently wasting time creating content that isn’t truly targeted.

Once they’ve been defined, you use them to create tailored and bespoke content that will grab their attention and hold their interest, and you serve this content to them using an automated and multi-channel approach. To do this, you generate new prospects, and lots of them. Let’s face it, inbound marketing is a hard slog, and buying generic lists rammed with incomplete data is a waste of money. Instead, use smart prospecting tools like our LinkedIn Prospector or Intent Signals algorithms and let them do the hard work for you. Our technology not only finds the right prospects for you based on your personas, but it also finds those whose behaviours indicate they have intent to buy.


Now you know who your prospects are, you need to get in front of them FAST. After identifying prospects, we send them an automated email within minutes that can be tailored to their individual needs. Through the information collected by our platform you can also retarget digital advertising, carry out sales outreach, and generate lead scores – not manually of course, who has time for that? With our platform, it’s done for you. Using a smart and automated marketing platform allows you to nurture prospects from the top of your sales funnel all the way through to closing the deal. If you’re using marketing technology that doesn’t allow you to do that, then you’re throwing your money away.

Without being able to see what stage prospects are at in their buying journey, you’re sending out content blindly. With so much constant advertising bombardment online today and so much digital noise, your approach needs to be more targeted and personal. But with Zymplify, that no longer means it needs to be manual.

If you’re not nurturing your prospects with relevant content and tailored digital ads, you’re essentially doing three things:

1. Wasting time and money

You’ve spent time and effort defining your target market and gathering prospects only to send them generic content regardless of who they are or what stage of the buying funnel they’re in. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Mitigate some of the risk of the cost of digital advertising by remarketing and retargeting to those prospects who have already engaged with you or your content and who are already familiar with your brand.

2. Giving your competitors a head start

As we’ve said, this approach isn’t revolutionary, so don’t think others aren’t doing it just because you’re not. In today’s competitive climate your new advantage is speed – so don’t get left behind!

3. Damaging your brand

This one is always hard to measure in the short term, but it’s obvious, right? If you’re sending your prospects a sales brochure when they first hit your website you’re going to come off as pushy. If you’re sending ‘one size fits all’ content then at best you’re going to be ignored, at worst you’ll look like you don’t care. It’s tough out there and you need to stand out! If you’re generating leads and nurturing prospects the old school way, great! At least you’re doing it. However, you’re probably using multiple platforms with multiple logins, duplicating work, and leaking prospects out of your sales pipeline without even realising it.

  • If you want to know your prospect to lead ratio and your lead to deal ratio.
  • If you want to scale your business quickly.
  • If you want results and you want them fast!

You need a system that tracks everything – end-to-end – in one place.

You Need Zymplify

If you've already adopted this approach, we can still help supercharge and streamline the process. Give us 30 minutes, and we'll show you how, in our friendly and hassle-free demo. Are you ready to scale your business? Let's talk. Book Your Demo

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