Automation Or Bust – Time to Harness Your Data & Make Sales

It’s likely that, right now, you are planning for a bounceback in a post-pandemic landscape. This indeed could involve an entire range of tasks, preparation, and implementation at the top-level of your organisation, which results in your time becoming increasingly valuable. 

Whilst you are busy preparing for your bounceback, 60% of global organisations are looking to implement new processes that will help to optimise their business operations and ultimately drive revenue – namely innovations in areas such as marketing and software & technology, according to Ecoconsultancy. 

As such, it’s safe to say that there are active buyers in your market – but, with time being of the essence, how do you harness high quality leads and nurture them to the conversion stage? Enter automation: used to complete usually repetitive tasks, automation software is designed to nurture sales leads on your behalf, using personalised marketing messages and optimised content in the process.

Ultimately, automation software enables teams to send the right message, to the right audiences, at the right time. These platforms act to adapt the way in which you communicate, based on their unique buying journey, and harnesses the power of data to do so.

Critical in streamlining your sales and nurture processes, automation can save you valuable time, money and resources, whilst providing your sales teams with high-quality leads who are ready to buy.


Intelligent & Insightful Data

Marketing automation software initially acts to monitor and track your consumers, visitors and potential buyers online, through your own platforms and the wider web – for example, Zymplify tracks engagements across your own site, social media, and software review platforms. This data provides valuable insight into the intent of users, which your internal teams can then funnel into personalised and behaviour-based nurture journeys. By analysing and identifying these patterns, marketing automation allows you to measure and gauge interactions in real-time.

Want to find out more about our data automation tools? Watch our webinar on how to Fill Your Funnel with Intent Driven Data.


Tracking the Journey

Speaking of the funnel, marketing automation allows your teams to track the engagement and progress of your audience from initial awareness, and through the stages to ready to buy. Using techniques such as lead scoring and behavioural measures, automation software powers your platforms and content into working better to fit your audience.


Better Your Workflow

Overall, marketing automation serves the purpose of saving time, money and resources. Operating across these platforms will allow various members of your teams and different individuals across your wider sales and marketing function to fully understand how they can monitor engagements from potential buyers, and when they can be confidently contacted in the ready to buy stage of your marketing funnel.

Marketing automation has already been widely adopted across 67% of marketing teams in the business landscape, and its success will only serve to power up your bounceback in the coming months – and don’t just take our word for it: businesses that nurture leads in this manner have historically reported a 50% uplift in sales!

Ready to take the next step in growing your marketing automation function? Zymplify is well equipped to support your company in the next phases of your business strategy, with automation being a key part of the platform, alongside growing your pipeline, expert insight and valuable advice.


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