6 Top Ways to Keep Your Lead Gen Working, while You’re Not

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In these troubling times, it’s now more important than ever to keep your lead generation from dropping off.

Companies decision-making processes may well be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak but let’s think about this as a positive – it allows more time for potential customers to consider your offering. At this time, the research phase of the decision-making process could potentially be more important than ever, so you need to ensure that your website is on point!

In this blog, we’ve covered some of the basics in how to keep your lead gen working, even while you sleep!


We highly recommend you kit out your website with the following:

1. Website Visitor Tracking

You should ensure you have at least one visitor tracking app on your website. Start with Google Analytics (it’s free), but you should also use a tracker that’s connected to a CRM or marketing automation platform (like Zymplify – see how ours works). 

2. Web Forms

I’m sure your website has a contact form but where do the submissions go? Is there a follow-up email sent to prospects? Is this email automated, so it will send even if you’re not online? If not, you should have your form submissions going to your CRM or marketing automation platform to automate both the initial follow up and the continual nurturing of these leads. 

No longer is a single contact form enough on a website, visitors want an interactive website that gives them multiple opportunities to engage, ask questions, find out more and download brochures or content.

3. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups don’t have to be a nuisance – when used correctly they should drive engagement and user-experience. Make sure that your pop-ups are triggered by intent so you will see much better conversion rates. For example, if a prospect is viewing a blog on ‘Marketing Automation in 2020’ a pop-up that links to a 2020 Marketing Automation eBook might be of interest to them. Creating a pop-up through an automation platform like Zymplify allows you to tailor the customer journey to automatically serve these kinds of pop-ups and follow up emails, at the right stage of the buying funnel.

4. Chatbots

Don’t have the bandwidth to manage a live chat option on your site? No problem, automated chatbots are a great alternative. There are lots of great tools out there to choose from such as Drift, Intercom, ChatBot or BotStar. Whichever tool you choose, make sure that you’re serving great content and asking questions based on where prospects are on your site and what they’re looking at. It’s also a good idea to connect these to your CRM or marketing automation platform as these leads will be red hot and ready for sales outreach, so why not automate that!

5. Live Chat

The personal touch goes a long way and, now more than ever, people will be wanting to interact with people. If someone does want to talk to you about a potential sale, you certainly don’t want to stop them! If you’re able to have staff online that’s great, but if that’s not an option then most live chat solutions will allow people to leave a message and their details which can then be followed up with by the team on email or added to automated sales outreach emails. There are lots of live chat apps to explore including Pure Chat, Olark or tawk.to.

The above are absolute musts for maximising leads generated from your website.

6. Buyer Intent Data

Let’s talk about intent! If you’re unfamiliar with the term buyer intent, it refers to the fact that someone is showing intent to purchase or buy, they are at the final stages of their decision-making process. Tools like Zymplify can help you collect and use buyer intent data as a part of your marketing automation strategy. Not all intent data is the same, it is defined into three separate levels:

  1. First-party – Your website is a great indication of intent, you can track what content prospects are interacting with and how. 
  2. Second-party – Review websites such as G2 offer intent data based on what prospects are viewing.
  3. Third-party – Uses a public web social lookup tool to track interest based on what prospects are engaging with and talking about online.

So, how can you maximise this intent-driven information? As mentioned above, there are lots of great tools out there that can track, interact and engage with prospects who visit your website without the need for human intervention. In this climate, where you may have a scaled-back workforce or staff who are working remotely, it’s great to have these tools in place to manage your website visits and store all the information centrally so that nothing slips through the cracks.

But what can you do with website visitor information if a prospect doesn’t engage with your forms or pop-ups or asks a question on live chat? The fact is you’ll need an actionable contact record in order to reach out to these prospects – that’s where Zymplify comes in!

We’ve recently partnered with KickFire to turn anonymous website visitors into actionable contact records, pretty great right! Let me tell you how it works…

  1. A prospect visitors your website.
  2. Using our website tracking code we identify company-level information, based on the visiting IP address.
  3. Using your target persona filters we reveal relevant contact information for key people within those companies.
  4. Send prospects on an automated marketing journey, or send them straight to your sales pipeline for follow up.

That’s it, it couldn’t be simpler. We only reveal B2B business email addresses (e.g. gavin@zymplify.com), never personal email (e.g. @gmail.com or @outlook.com, etc.) which means that reaching out to these prospects falls under the GDPR legal basis of legitimate interest.

If you would like to learn more about the Zymplify Website Intent tool check out our playbook.

Zymplify has been recognised by review site G2 as having the fastest implementation time in the marketing automation category. Our expert team can help set up automated prospecting, marketing and sales follow-up to leads within days.

Don’t forget, we’re offering you a free one-to-one consultation with our marketing experts to advise you on how to boost your business, even during the current climate. Book your consultation now!


Free Marketing Consultation
Free Marketing Consultation


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