What is Buyer Intent? We’ve Got You Covered!


What and Where are your Ideal Customers Researching?

Staying ahead of your competitors and attracting new customers requires a lot of time and effort that you might sometimes feel there isn’t enough of in the day. Finding where your ideal customers are exploring, engaging, and researching may seem like an impossible task, which requires an ability to see into the future.

Since we can’t predict the future, there has to be another way! Well there is, and it’s called buyer intent data and it’s set to dictate how you fill your pipeline in the future.

A study carried out by Gartner, found that prospects spend around 50% of their time searching and sifting through information from third-party sources. Initially, sales teams wait for prospects to come to them, completing an action on their company website or through direct contact, requesting more information. Buyer Intent signals make it possible for your sales team to identify prospect movement letting them prioritize outreach based on those indicators.

Still not sure what buyer intent is? In layman’s terms, Buyer intent data is information collected when your prospects engage in the buying process within your industry. So if you sell golf equipment, buyer intent would send you alerts if there are searches for ‘best-golfing equipment’ or ‘shoes for golfing’.

So when you can identify prospective customers actively engaging within your marketplace, isn’t the next natural step to engage with them? With Buyer Intent, you can connect with these prospects at exactly the right time and help guide them through their buying journey with relevant content and information.

Is Every Business Using Buyer Intent?

Research has shown that only 25% of B2B companies use intent data, but it’s one of the most powerful ways to grow your pipeline of qualified leads. Getting ahead in the industry is important, using intent data you will find leads before your competitors even know they are interested in that product or service.

B2B purchasers, during the research phase of their buying process, search up to 12 times before engaging with a firm. Everything they search will leave data and micro signals that are then flagged and sent to you. You will be able to see every step of their purchasing research and buyer journey.

Buyer intent lets you set up your ideal customer profile so you can understand their behaviours throughout their purchasing journey. You choose the data you want. Understanding these behaviours offers the intel needed to really target sales and marketing campaigns effectively.

Instead of wasting time on prospects that are not interested in your product or service, Buyer Intent data gives you the ability to shorten your sales cycle and really focus on the prospects interested in what you have to offer.

Our customers love the Buyer Intent tool and you will too. “The Buyer Intent / Contact reveal feature within the platform really set it apart from other platforms.”– Group Marketing Manager.

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