What to learn from the best marketing campaigns of 2021


As we plan for an exciting year of developments in 2022, the Zymplify team have picked their favourite marketing campaigns of 2021 and how they have shaped campaign planning for this year.

Apple – ‘Hollywood in you Pocket’

What we like: Showcasing the power of the product.

This campaign builds on the success of Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign, where they display their own content as well as user generated content that has been created using an iPhone only.

The newest campaign ‘Hollywood in Your Pocket’ demonstrates to the fullest extent, what the user can do with the product rather than listing out features in a document. Users can get a feel of what they could achieve by using the product.

We Transfer – ‘Doubt. Create. Repeat’

What we like: Plays on emotional challenges of the audience

WeTransfer’s ‘Doubt. Create. Repeat’ campaign continues on the company’s campaign theme of putting the issues and challenges that their audiences are facing at the forefront of campaign creative. This way it immediately resonates with the target audience.

Once they have captured the audience’s attention the campaign addresses how WeTransfer is a solution to all these challenges. We particularly love the accompanying short clips that focus on how each area of WeTransfer provides a solution specifically.

Free Cuthbert

What we like: Being proactive on social channels

All marketers followed the ‘#FreeCuthbert’ campaign with glee and a little in awe of Aldi’s social media team. A potentially damaging situation when Marks & Spencer launched legal action against Aldi for its interpretation of its caterpillar cake, turned into Aldi’s most successful social media campaign in its history.

We hope we never have to respond to anything quite as strong as legal action on social channels, but we love how Aldi’s team were proactive, getting ahead of the story, and increasing their sentiment score. This attitude can be applied to events outside of your own organisation as well. For example, the red flag craze that swept LinkedIn this year.

Tesco ‘Food Love Stories’

What we like: Remaining authentic to your brand and trusted content

Tesco pivoted their long running, successful  ‘Food Love Stories’ campaign to reflect the lockdown restrictions at the time. By encouraging customers to make recipes and dedicate each one to a specific person, the brand updated content that they knew already worked to be sensitive to the goings on around them.

Repurposing content that you already have goes hand in hand with the old adage ‘you don’t need to reinvent the wheel’. Once you have content in the bank that your audience finds engaging, small tweaks, whether that be creating shorter video clips, turning the video into a blog and a few social media posts can go a long way to creating a solid content strategy.

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