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Endlessly running on the hamster wheel when your biggest rivals are armed with larger teams and bigger budgets is a one-way ticket to lost sales and team burn-out.

To win big, you need to adopt a whole new set of tactics that your competitors haven’t.

Repeat after us: work smarter, not harder.


4 ways to work smarter:

1. Stop manually prospecting

Prospecting is a crucial first step in filling your funnel with quality that promises campaign success and it shouldn’t be a difficult first hurdle…but you can easily make it one.

Stop spreading your team’s resources thin in the hunt for your perfect prospects. If you are, then you risk derailing the trajectory of your entire sales funnel – and spinning your budget out of control! 

You’d be surprised how many people waste precious work hours slogging away on long-haul manual prospecting, only to realise there really is only so much you can do in one day. It doesn’t matter how much overtime or money you throw at the problem. 

We’ve got news for you: prospecting shouldn’t take hours and hours. And it especially shouldn’t when you can do it all at the push of a button.

Zymplify compresses weeks of manual prospecting into a speedy overnight process that produces quality results instantly.

2. Use automated marketing

The middle of your sales funnel can be tricky territory to navigate when your time is pulled into generating leads and closing deals.

But if the middle of your funnel isn’t maximised to its fullest potential, then your leads are guaranteed to turn cold. After the investment and effort spent generating prospects and sales opportunities, there’s no excuse for dropping the ball… 

Unless, of course, you’re manually scheduling your content. 

The best kept secret in any marketing department worth their sales is its automated marketing.

With Zymplify, our automation platform means your multi-channel campaigns are timed to go live at the exact right moments in every prospects’ journey.

What that means is you can deliver tailored messages to a diverse audience through an automated process, putting your content directly into the view of your prospects and leads.

From digital ads to social media posts and blog content to email newsletters, Zymplify can automate it all. 

Automation leaves you with more time to focus on creating expertly crafted content to nudge your leads from lukewarm middle-funnel contenders, into red-hot leads ready to seal the deal. 

3. Never invest sales time in cold leads

It’s hot or nothing. That’s a motto we live by and it’s time to make it yours, too. 

What’s a hot lead? Hot leads are the ones most likely to convert and the ones most ready to buy. 

As your leads travel further down your funnel, our Lead Scoring allows you to attribute a higher score to hotter leads, so you can organise your leads by how successfully they’ve been nurtured. 

Our scoring then makes it easier for your sales team to dip into the funnel, spot the hot leads and identify your best opportunities. 

By rating your leads from cold to hot, your sales team can prioritise selling to hot and hot alone – meaning no more time is wasted pitching to warm leads. Or worse, cold ones. 

If you pitch to a lead that’s even one degree Celsius sort of red hot, you could push them straight out of your sales funnel by appearing too eager to pitch a sale instead of responding to their needs.

What do you do while your leads are climbing up the rating system? Leave it to our automation to deliver the best content to warm your leads straight up. 

4. Think big, win big

We all set out with the intention of landing huge volumes of high-quality prospects and eager leads who are keen to make a sale. 

After all, the magic ingredient in all successful campaigns is the ability to think big. 

But big-picture thinking has to relate to big-picture action. 

To win big, you need to cast a wider net so you can find huge volumes of prospects and create hot leads in a quick turnover. 

What you don’t need is more team members, more salaries and a higher cost. 

Think big, work big and win big by letting Zymplify work full-steam ahead in reaching more people and winning more sales.

Zymplify exists to help businesses scale, and fast.  We knew there was a better, simpler way to get ahead of the game. 

Now it’s time to get in on the action.

Work smarter, not harder. Use Zymplify. Test it out for yourself using our free no-hassle, no-obligation demo.

Get Real Leads Real Fast.

Did you know that Zymplify’s one stop system can find prospects for you and warm them up ready for sales. Find out how.

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