3 new ways of lead gen to turn your funnel upside down

Blast yourself miles ahead of your competitors by getting to your customer base first. 

As marketeers, staying on top of your A-game is paramount to your campaign success. With the advent of new technology, you need to play big to win big and that means adopting new tech to super-boost your lead generation. Ultimately, you want to arm yourself with as much marketing ammunition to blast yourself miles ahead of your competitors by getting to your customer base first. 

But what happens once you’ve got your customer? Are you hot-footing it over to landing another new customer? Do you have a case of craving the next big win, overlooking your most valuable marketing asset in the process: your existing customer?

Let’s start with the funnel. It’s been pretty unchallenged since the dawn of marketing, but hear us out when we make the case for flipping it upside down. And we know how that incites instant panic, but both ways of working through your funnel could – and should – happen in conjunction. Once you’ve flushed your customers down into paying customers, what are you doing once they’re there? 

It’s time to give your lead generation a boost. Here’s how.

1) Your Current Customers: The Key to Lead Gen

Your customers are your most valuable asset. Why? For starters, acquiring a new customer can be more expensive – think anywhere from 5 to 15 times more – than retaining an existing one. Don’t get us wrong, flushing fresh lead gen blood into your funnel is a necessity. But here’s the catch-all word: retaining your customers once they become one! Once you nail how to do this, you’ll be working your funnel from a top-down, bottom-up mindset, where the led generation opportunities are abundant.

What are your marketing team doing to ensure your customer is there for the long-haul? Are you immersing your customers in a long-term campaign for brand loyalty? If you’re not, you’re missing out on a market you didn’t realise you have. 

Think of the potential of your every customer as someone who can spread your brand for you, including the benefits of their re-purchasing, alongside their word-of-mouth reviews to friends, family or business contacts. Once you land the holy grail of word-of-mouth credibility, your customer’s connections go straight into your funnel a step deeper than just plain old prospects and land them straight into the “lead” section of your funnel, without a penny dropped on prospect nurturing.

2) Up The Value Of Your Customers

How do you up your customer value without further buy-ins? You create meaningful engagement that far outlasts the buying transaction.

Think VIP discounts sent out by email marketing; customer service comms that use your content narrative to connect on your customer’s experience with your product or service after they’ve purchased it; or share customer success stories on your blog or social media, so you can highlight their achievements and relationship with your brand. When you flood your content strategy with plans for current-customer engagement, it’s the quickest way to take your top-funnel customers and connect them with your bottom and middle-level prospects and leads. 

3) Use Automation That Understands You

Once you’ve upped your customer value, and therefore your lead gen possibilities, you need to be able to put your content and lead nurturing into play.

Doing customer-facing marketing the manual way is officially an unnecessary waste of time – and we can thank the year of 2020 for that! Advances in marketing tech such as – excuse the plug – Zymplify, our automation tools are here to work with you, not against you. Zymplify’s marketing automation is intuitive, so you set the rules and our platform gets to work delivering your personalised emails, social media content, blogs and more, at the click of a button. 

Our tools slot seamlessly into your work-flow, so you don’t have to break a sweat. You can spend your time ideating and creating that stand-out content which sets you miles apart from the competition.

The possibilities of automation marketing, using a tool like Zymplify, are endless and the rewards pay off big time. 

Take a chance on automation and watch how our demo can change your lead generation, for good!


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