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Zymplify adds new Belfast, Manchester and Boston hubs to its Portstewart HQ

A thriving North West-based tech business has opened its doors in Belfast, Manchester and Boston as part of a major expansion programme fuelled by a £1m cash injection from an experienced US investor. Zymplify, which has developed its own marketing automation platform that enables clients to plan, measure and assess return on investment from their multi-channel digital marketing activities within a single dashboard, has grown from 2-22 staff in the past three years.

Greater value for our clients

Founder and CEO, Michael Carlin, said the establishment of the company’s three new advisory hubs would enable Zymplify’s business consultants to get closer to its client base and add greater value. “Our platform makes the lives of marketers easier. In one easy-to-understand dashboard they can plan and analyse their digital and social marketing activities like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pay Per Click, Social Media Advertising all in real-time. If you like, it powers human-inspired marketing programmes through user-friendly technology.” The four-year-old company which is headquartered in Portstewart has attracted the cream of local tech talent from the neighbouring University of Ulster’s Coleraine campus. Michael Carlin says his vision for Zymplify is to grow its global client base.

Growing globally

“Our goal is to become one of the world’s top five digital marketing platform providers and thought leaders by 2022. In the short term we’re seeking to double our client numbers from 100 to 200. This round of investment will enable us to deliver on our corporate goals more quickly that would otherwise have been the case. We are also delighted to have received investment from Co-Fund NI which is managed on behalf of Invest NI by Clarendon Fund Managers. “Our investor, John Martinson from Martinson Ventures, a Philadelphia-based VC firm.  John has more than 40 years’ experience in the SaaS technology sector so we’re very lucky to have his expertise, experience and guidance. John has done more than 135 investments in the past 30 years. “The next phase of our corporate strategy is to roll out a further number of advisory hubs throughout English speaking countries that will be supported by our best in class team in Portstewart.  Marketing has been transformed in the past ten years than the previous 100 with a much greater emphasis on accountability and establishing return on investment so our solution is very much tapping into the needs of today’s marketer. Nowadays statistics show that 70% of buyers have already made their buying decision before they engage with a sales’ person.  That means, from a business perspective, unless you are engaged in multi-channel and getting further up the marketing funnel it’s going to be difficult to grow. “Marketing automation solves these problems by using the power of technology to streamline, automate and simplify the marketing process, enabling marketing professionals to focus on their core skills without having to get bogged down with process.”

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