How SecureAuth Made £250,000 in 3 Months with Marketing Automation


Hit The Nail On The Head Of Every Potential Prospect

When SecureAuth contacted Zymplify to help with the marketing efforts they didn’t expect the outcome they would receive. The Cybersecurity platform wanted a return on their investment of time and money – and quickly.

Their biggest issue was learning how to get their product out into the world in a faster, cost-effective way while hitting the nail on the head of every potential prospect opportunity out there. With a revenue goal to meet on a quarterly basis, they needed opportunities with genuine potential. But the idea of bringing on a new system for generating leads and automating content was unnerving. Without a marketing background, they needed an onboarding process the company could learn easily and translate into actionable steps using the platform’s data insights. Early adoption of Zymplify’s processes and systems was the top priority.

SecureAuth could create journeys targeted at the different personas Zymplify identified, targeting the correct people and the right time with relevant and useful content.

The Journey dashboard within the Zymplify Platform

SecureAuth Could See Who Was Interested In Their Service

Zymplify understands the buyer dynamic, and for SecureAuth, this was paramount. They were able to generate prospects who were actively looking for SecureAuth’s services.

“We grew another million dollars of new pipeline, just based on the fact we were able to focus our efforts on a certain market”

The Results Speak For Themselves

36,591 emails were sent (without SecureAuth lifting a finger)
4,837 prospects were identified
449 became MQLs (marketing qualified leads)
37 became SQL (sales qualified leads)
£1,000,000 of sales in the pipeline
£250,000 confirmed sale

Read the full CASE STUDY here


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