How to Operationalise G2 Buyer Intent Data

This blog has been written by our VP Finance and Data, Michael Green. 


Are you a G2 customer with a buyer intent package, who is struggling to understand the best way to utilise this data? We've got the answers for you…


In this blog, I will explain how to operationalise G2 buyer intent data to ensure you maximise ROI on this spend. If you are not yet a G2 Buyer Intent client, you may want to read another recent piece I wrote on whether G2 buyer intent data was worth the investment – you can find that here if you are still considering whether its right for your business.


I've Got G2 Buyer Intent Data – Now What?


G2 buyer intent data is an excellent source of hot leads, but the fact that they provide so much data can be a barrier to success for some companies – particularly those with a smaller sales team who are not dedicated to this channel.


Zymplify has experienced this firsthand, we even had to “turn off the tap” of data as we had too much to handle! Having been through the process of figuring out the best way to operationalise this data and refining this process – we now want to share it with you.  




We have been using G2 Intent data for over 12 months with great success, however that success would not be possible without the power of automation.  So much so, that we have partnered with G2 to feed their data directly into the Zymplify platform for more of their customers to take advantage of this capability.


One of the pitfalls with many sources of intent data is that you have data at the company level (e.g. XYZ Limited has visited your G2 profile), and whilst that is great information, the challenge comes when attempting to turn that information into a tangible lead.  Unless you have a sales team that is following up with every company, working through the G2 data all day every day, then inevitably opportunities are going to be missed!  


How much is one missed opportunity worth to you? Through our direct partnership with G2, we have been able to bring all of the excellent insights and company level information directly into the Zymplify platform via an API connection and enhance that data using our own suite of automated prospecting tools.


We can turn company level intent data into actionable leads with no manual interaction involved. We do this by automatically sourcing the business email addresses for the right decision-makers within those companies, based on your pre-defined target personas. The tools provide you with full control over which companies are selected for contact lookup to trigger, based on our industry, company size and location filters. You can also be sure that you will never purchase the same email address more than once which may happen if using other data providers externally.


All of the excellent insights provided by G2 such as the number of visits, profile views, pages visited etc., automatically feed into the Zymplify platform and you now have both an ABM view (company profile) and a direct prospect view (contact profile) of the actions taken at every stage of the process.


Once we have a range of prospects within these companies we can now start to automate the outreach process.  Through Zymplify's automated journeys, these prospects can receive an email from your company within 30 minutes of them looking at your category on G2. This means that we can help you to get the right message to the right person at the time, right when they are ready to buy. Automated journeys can be sequenced to work these prospects through the buying cycle – from awareness to purchase with marketing emails feeding into sales emails and lead scoring throughout the journey.  In addition, you can create really defined remarketing audiences to serve ads to the right prospect at the right time to keep your brand top of mind within their consideration.


The combination really is a fully automated end to end solution – from an intent signal on G2 to sales qualified opportunity, there is no human interaction required.


To find out more about how Zymplify can help you get the most out of G2 intent data contact us today – speak to one of our growth experts in a free consultation.





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