Imagine Your Sales Funnel Looked Like This


A sales funnel is a process that helps turn prospects into leads and finally into a customer. It is simply the steps a person takes to become a customer.

What are the stages?


A simple three-step sales funnel starts by identifying prospects at the top of the funnel, this is also known as the awareness stage.
The buyer is aware that there is a problem they would like to fix or a solution that needs to be found. They may have googled a keyword related to your business and are looking for more information on the product or service you offer. Marketers should offer content that educates problems with solutions, without the hard sell. Let prospects know there is a solution to their problem and help them find it.


At the next stage, the consideration stage, prospects are aware of the problem they are facing, and they are now searching for businesses to help with this problem. Content should be focused on educating the buyer about the solutions your company offers. Putting you in their mindset as a firm contender.


Finally at the bottom of the funnel, the decision stage, your prospect has identified the problem and the solution and now needs to choose who they will choose to offer this solution. Content here should be educating, on how exactly this problem can be fixed by using your product or service and with sales tactics, try and close the sale.

Why do businesses use it?

This vital funnel shows the process your idea customers are going to take during their journey to sale. Having a clear understanding of your sales funnel allows you to adapt and alter it to be suitable and target your prospects. Showing them relevant content, exactly when they want, and the right time of their buyer’s journey.

A recent study found that improving sales funnel efficiency was one of the top priorities for sales teams in 2021, with 68% of companies not identifying or measuring a sales funnel.
Having an up-to-date and working sales funnel means that businesses can address the needs of their customers and the right time. They can also forecast sales and revenue, hitting goals, and analysing their sales process.

Businesses need to come up with smart and creative ways to fill the top of their funnel so they can then nurture these prospects into a paying customer.

Zymplify’s Sales Funnel and Buyer Intent

With Zymplify businesses can visualise their sales funnel, find if there is a leak, and alter the way they do their marketing to whichever stage is not performing well.

Zymplify filled a client’s sales funnel with 4,837 prospects without the business lifting a finger. Read the full Case Study

Zymplify Sales Funnel

Using Buyer Intent, Zymplify identifies the prospects to add to the top of your sales funnel and gives you the resources to work these prospects down the funnel.

 “A wide range of functionality that replaces a number of tools and enables visibility of the whole sales funnel.”- Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.) G2 Review

To find out more about how you can maximise your sales funnel, get in touch today for a free demo of the Zymplify Platform.

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