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Seventy-four per cent of marketers who have adopted a customer journey strategy agree that it has positively impacted overall customer engagement.

As the path to conversion has become more complex, the ability to connect with shoppers at any stage of their buying journey via any channel, on any touchpoint is a true foundation for businesses to connect with their prospects and remain at the forefront of their mind.

Implementing a planned automated journeys strategy will not only increase your conversion rate but also free you up hours every week. Here are five ideas for you to consider when implementing automated journeys.


Content Offer or Downloads

Create an automated journey that will be triggered by a piece of content being downloaded by a prospect. For example, if someone downloads a piece of content from the Free Resources area on your website, you can follow up with them instantly. And not only that but continue to follow up with them strategically based on the type or topic of content they downloaded.

If a prospect downloads a piece of content on how to grow their website with digital marketing, you know much more about them already. You know they want to use digital marketing to grow their business, and therefore can offer much more content around this topic. Continue to impress them with relevant content that is going to bring them value.

You can store all these interactions in your all-in-one CRM system and track their behaviour throughout the entire automated email journey.


Blog Subscriber

You should have a subscribe box on your blog page and encourage readers to come back again in the future. If a website visitor likes what they see, you should do everything you can to get them to come back. However, what happens when they enter their email address into the subscription box?

This should trigger a welcome email where you can thank your subscribers for their details and let them know what to expect. They might not know who you are or what you do, so use this opportunity to introduce yourself and your products. Explain what type of content you share on your blog and how often you post so they can become familiar with your schedule. You can also use this email journey to promote your blog’s best-performing articles or any special offers you’re currently running.

It’s important to note that your blog content must be the highest quality to ensure a steady stream of subscribers. Unless your content is valuable and relevant, you’re not going to the subscribers you want.


Inactive Contacts

Re-engage with inactive contacts when they have met a certain list criterion. You could set a list of conditions such as the length of time since their last form submission, website visit or email open/click. This should trigger an email which will invite them to interact with you again.

Try sending something exciting and super-targeted that you know will impress them. You could offer an exclusive discount or coupon to try and instil some excitement again.

There will be two outcomes – either they engage with you again, and you can continue to nurture with them, or they don’t, and you can remove them from your database. Cleansing your database is just as important as adding new contacts to it.


Event Registration

Whether you’re hosting a live event, a workshop or a webinar, you should follow up with registrants instantly. You can use automated journeys to automate your communication and engage your attendee list before, during and after the event.

Don’t worry, just because it’s automated doesn’t mean it’s not personal. Zymplify’s builder allows you to segment and personalises the entire experience from the first email in the journey.

Deliver important information at the right time and create a sense of excitement beforehand. You can let them know the agenda, hotel recommendations (if applicable), more information on the panellists or tell them how they can log in. Include all relevant links such as social media profiles and any hashtags you intend on using.

Follow up with them afterwards with recommendations of more content you think they would like and invite them to your future events.


Past Purchases

You can use automated email journeys to increase upsell opportunities and encourage already existing customers to purchase more.

Communication with your customers should not stop after they make a purchase – it costs a lot more to find new customers than it does to retain existing ones. If they’ve bought your product before, you’re already eliminating a huge portion of the buyer’s funnel as they know everything about you already.

Use automated journeys as an opportunity to upgrade or upsell complementary products and services depending on the purchases they’ve already made.

Create a dynamic combination of products which work well together, and when someone buys one of them, they are automatically encouraged to purchase the other ones.


More Automated Journey Template Ideas

More Journey Template Ideas
More Journey Template Ideas


The beauty of marketing automation is that you can have all these templates set up ahead of time. They can be activated when a prospect completes a trigger, and therefore be added to that journey. You don’t have to do a thing.

Zymplify’s platform is already packed with templates for our clients to use, but here are a few more ideas you can use:

  • PPC ad engagement
  • Customer service or ticket engagement
  • When someone e-signs a quote or contract
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Top of the funnel conversions
  • Bottom of the funnel conversions

If you want to know more about our automated journeys, and how you can use them to nurture and convert more leads than ever, get in touch today. 


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