Remove the guesswork & increase your sales revenue

Waste less time managing your pipeline, close more deals and take your revenue to the next level.

Prospecting at Scale

Always-on prospect pipeline

Fill your pipeline with a constant flow of qualified prospects. 

Our powerful prospecting solutions help B2B organisations grow at scale by automating time consuming, repetitive prospecting tasks –  freeing your sales team to focus on actual revenue generating tasks like closing deals. 

Utilise our Buyer Intent, Contact Search and Chrome Extension solutions.

Customisable Sales Pipeline

Gain visibility into the entire sales process, from lead to close

With Zymplify you can manage your entire sales pipeline from one place. Easily customise the stages to suit your sales cycle or use an existing template. 

You can rename, create, delete and reorder your pipeline stages, as well as create multiple pipelines, depending on your sales flow.

See your entire sales process at a glance and update deals by simply dragging and dropping them into place.

Activity Management

Manage all sales-related tasks from one place

Our built-in activity calendar makes it easy to plan and manage your team’s sales activities – plus, you can create custom activities that are tailored to your business’ specific needs.

Access all your team’s activities, like calls and meetings, in one place to track their performance, understand their capacity, and plan ahead.

AI powered sales cadences

Build strategic sales outreach with cadences

Map strategic outreach for your sales team, ramp up new team members faster. Define the steps your team takes to close more deals and empower every sales person to work faster using automation.

Plus, with the power of artificial intelligence you can streamline sales outreach creation, distribution, and management. 

Using ai.mee create dynamic and customised sales cadences containing emails, phone scripts, and LinkedIn messages,  in seconds.  All tailored to your product or service and target persona.

Real-Time Alerts

Ability to act fast

Identity risk and opportunity in real-time – so your team can prioritise and focus on closing the deals that matter most.  

Real-time integrated alerts show new companies signalling intent, deals visiting your website, lookalike intent, email clicks, and more. Enabling your team to focus on the hottest leads.

Sales Forecasting

Forecast with confidence

Gain complete control of your sales and forecasting processes with a consolidated view of pipeline health and engagement signals across every deal.

Set the deal value and close probability, then leverage reports to track forecast vs. actual sales, and drill down forecast by month, sales rep, and more.

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Zymplify finds your business qualified prospects who are in-market buyers, gives you a complete toolkit to connect with them and close sales at speed. It puts you in full control.
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