Customer Success

Integrating & empowering your customer success team

Whether its getting out in front of changing customer health, upcoming renewals, or expansion opportunities, our platform helps Customer Success teams make the most of their time so they can focus on work that matters the most.

Customer Analytics

360° view of customers

Provide a single, holistic view of all your customers, their journey and desired outcome to every team. 

Monitor customer health and make it easier for your customer success team to identify risk and opportunity in your renewals, forecast churn and to track customer expansion.

Uncover powerful and actionable insights and trends from your customer data through easy-to-use analytics on customer lifecycles, health, renewal dates & more

Customisable Handovers

Accelerate onboarding & product adoption

Establish a positive start to a lasting relationship by seamlessly integrating your sales and onboarding handover process.

Create personalised pathways and tasks for your customer success team and customers to ensure smooth onboarding and product adoption.  Automate all onboarding communications with customer workflows.

Customer Segments

Build always-up-to-date customer segments

Better understand your customers by building always-up-to-date targeted segments. 

Easily filter your customers by any demographic or attribute – all within the platform.

Simplify segmented customer campaigns and workflows. Discover profitable segments and customer insights backed by data.

Churn and LTV

Identify churn trends with our key customer insights

Churn happens – but we need to learn from it. In real time, identify trends from the churn reasons and create corrective plans. 

Create proactive campaigns and target segments for the at risk groups. Track your churn rate, LTV and monitor the impact on MRR and ARR.

Success Forecasting

Predict Retention and Growth

Gain an edge on renewals, expansions and churn across all customer segments, to ensure you reach your revenue objectives. 

Establish a dependable process to make it easier to gauge revenue projections, and refine your retention and growth approach.

Automated Workflows

Increase retention & scale customer engagement

Seamlessly manage customers through their customer lifecycle phases. Create different engagement pathways for each phase. Monitor and proactively react to at risk accounts with Health Check status.

Create segments to manage common traits and messaging.  Constantly engage and communicate via the email, blog,  and social tools.

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