SecureAuth Case Study

SecureAuth Case Study

Before converting to Zymplify, Karl Barton from cybersecurity platform, SecureAuth, was tossing content into the ether, hoping for a miracle that would bring customers his way – but the “seeing what sticks” strategy wasn’t working. With customers from around the world, SecureAuth’s segmented audiences were receptive to different content narratives respective of where they sat on their buying journey. What they needed was a bespoke system that reached out to their audience individually – exactly where they were instead of churning out content in the hopes it spoke to someone. For Karl, he needed to engage at the right time so he could appeal to his prospects’ interests through targeted content. He wanted qualified leads that would cut out wasted time spent nurturing prospects who were anything but committed. SecureAuth wanted a return on their investment of time and money – and quickly.



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