5 Steps to Super Charge your Agency

Knowing where to focus your attention to grow your digital agency can be a challenge. Should you invest in your team? Pump more money into the marketing budget, or is it the sales department that needs your focus?

It can feel like you’re dividing your attention and resources across too broad an area,  or, by focussing on one key area for development, you may feel like you're taking a risk by putting all your eggs in one basket. 

What if you don't get the results you want? Is the investment worth the risk?

We want to make it simple, so in this blog, we share with you the five areas we know you should focus on to supercharge your digital agency.


Data Services

To seriously scale your digital agency, you must build an email marketing list. This is the first place to start when it comes to helping you find the right people to engage with. 

Today, using data services can be an invaluable tool to support you in building your list, and they come with many benefits, including:

  • Saving you time and effort. Instead of manually searching for prospects, leads and up to date contact information you can automate the process and allow data services to help you to identify and prioritize the best prospects from the group.
  • Allowing your team more time to focus on developing strong marketing and nurture campaigns.
  • Some data services (such as Zymplify's G2 and website intent) can help you understand a prospect's behaviours and intentions allowing you to decide on the best way to initiate contact and offer a more personalized approach to your marketing.
  • No more surveying your competitor's social media feeds to collect data. Data services can provide you with up to date information on not only who's visiting your website, but also that of your competitors. 
  • Allowing you to identify prospects that you may not have been aware of or found through traditional research methods. 
  • Enabling you to reach a wider audience of suitable prospects and on a much larger scale than your team could ever achieve manually, and for a fraction of the cost. 

Using data services within your digital agency means your team doesn't have to spend their valuable time manually scouring LinkedIn for potential leads. Instead, with intelligent prospecting automation tools, you can fill your pipeline with prospects ready to be made aware of your offerings.


Are you interested in learning more? Zymplify's intelligent prospecting tools help automate the process of finding prospects  along with their contact details  ready for you to initiate contact. Learn how by clicking here >>


Automation Services

Automation is key to creating repeatable processes at scale, and using intelligent automation services can increase both your ROI and your operational efficiency.

Using automation services is one of the critical steps of supercharging your digital agency because through intelligent behaviour based scoring systems, they can help you identify the hottest leads. In reality, without effective lead scoring and nurture automation, you can't scale your business nearly as efficiently. 

While your sales team focuses on converting your hottest leads into paying clients, your automated services can help you nurture the others by delivering carefully curated content at precisely the right time.

Did you know marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead? *


Lead nurturing at scale

A nurtured lead might not be ready to do business with your company right now but is interested in what you have to offer. You keep nurtured leads interested by sending them valuable content such as newsletters, guides, or videos, as well as inviting them to your webinars.

The key to nurturing a prospect  is to keep them warm, without making them feel like you’re bomarding them with useless information.. (They'll soon get fed up with that and hit unsubscribe!). But you don't want to let them go cold either through an inconsistent and sporadic approach to communication. 

The trick to nurturing your new prospects at scale is to let the system do it for you through social posts, emails, newsletters, digital ads and remarketing, as well as through your email marketing campaigns. This way, your leads are receiving content through various touchpoints in your business, helping you build that know, like and trust factor.

It's crucial that you don't leave your prospects in the middle of the funnel for too long, however! It can be easy to get distracted by closing sales with your warmer leads, so that's why smart scoring systems are ideal for moving the most interested and engaged prospects into your pipeline ready for your sales team. 



One of the biggest things clients appreciate in the digital world is transparency and simplicity. Letting your clients into your business can go a long way in helping you become a trusted partner and service provider of choice.

You can be more transparent in your business by:

  • Providing insight into your processes and sharing these with your clients – this openness can reduce any miscommunication or misunderstanding and build trust.
  • Sharing case studies and testimonials to give insight into current and past client experiences.
  • Keeping pricing structures clear and easy to understand. 
  • Demanding transparency from your partners, this will have a positive impact on your ability to deliver transparency across your business right down to your customers.


At Zymplify, we place a great deal of value in transparency, and that's why we offer simple, transparent pricing structures designed to help you grow. We offer value for money, no long term commitments and are the only platform that does not penalize your agency for growth. To find out more about our pricing structures, you can book a free consultation and chat to one of our team here >> 




Reporting is the key to helping you understand what's working in your business, and its beauty is that it means you can predict and prescribe action for the future. 

That's why having an in-depth understanding of your data is the  final step to supercharging your digital agency.

Knowledge is power and if you want to grow and scale your business optimization is the key. To optimize, you need to have accurate insights into every part of your marketing process to determine where the gaps are.

Reporting and understanding the data can help you:

  • See where your leads are coming from and where to focus your time and efforts as a result.
  • Understand your customer's experience and give you insight – are there points in your funnels where prospects drop off or disengage? 
  • Look at all your conversions and learn from what's working and allow you to adjust what's not.
  • Create accountability for the whole team.
  • Track performance of your social media and content across all platforms to see which content is resonating best with your audience.


In summary

As a digital agency, your number one priority is always going to be your clients. The tools you pick to use within your business should be ones that work for them also/ With the right tools, there is no reason that you can’t do right for your customers and grow your bottom line at the same time. 

As we've established, you need to use software that is reliable, repeatable and that can grow with you – an end to end solution that packs a punch, is fast working and helps you set yourself aside from your competitors. 

Zymplify offers you everything that you need to supercharge your digital agency. And, we're so confident that it will be a fantastic fit for you, we'll even give you a no-obligation free trial so you can see for yourself.  


Join our weekly webinar and let us show you what we can do to transform your business, today!


*Information sourced from Session Cam https://sessioncam.com/25-marketing-automation-stats-for-2016/

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