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As we approach the end of 2022, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and although we’re all facing certain challenges, you savvy business people are setting your targets high for 2023. With ambitious targets set, you will be on the lookout for a platform that will propel you through your scale-up journey – fast.

Enter Zymplify, a unified data, marketing and sales platform. We’re geared towards helping companies drive revenue with precision sales and marketing techniques that cut through the clutter to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time in their buying journey.

At Zymplify, we’re all for working smarter not harder, so although we’d like to help you grow your revenue, we’d love to help you scale.

Scaling vs Growth

Growing a business involves increasing revenue and resources at an even rate. As a marketing manager, I need to increase my spend to reach more prospective clients. or as a sales manager, I need to hire a bigger sales team, to make more cold calls to increase the number of deals. Sounds about right? But what if we told you that you could increase your revenue, with a relatively small investment, generating more profit to be reinvested into the business so you could scale even more? This is scaling, and it’s what we’re built to do.

Zymplify’s unified data, marketing and sales platform is built to:

1. Lockdown who your customers actually are and the content that they engage with.

2. Discover prospects in realtime who are in the market RIGHT NOW for your product or service.

3. Nurture prospects and deliver them as warm leads to your sales team.

4. Shine a light on your sales pipeline and build cadences that lead to more conversations for your sales team

5. Optimise your marketing and sales channels with live business intelligence.

Lockdown your Strategy

As companies scale, some can lose sight of who their target customers are. They lose that edge, that sweet spot, that product-market fit that made them so successful in the first place.

With Zymplify’s marketing hub, lock in those customer personas and only create content that they want to see. Design and capture all approved content in the platform, so no more trawling through endless folders in the company drive. Use our Canva integration to design content in platform and our inbuilt content planner to submit and approve blog entries and social posts.

What does that mean for you? Less time searching for the Factsheet 1_Final_Final_Version and more time to spend on important strategic decisions that hit your KPIs. Quick wins all round!

Discover Buyers with Intent

When your goal is to achieve a 20% + increase in turnover in a year, there’s no time to cast the net wide and wait for someone to bite. How many hours have we all spent trawling LinkedIn for the ideal candidate, or throwing money at brand awareness campaigns to compete with our competition? Endless. Hours.

With Zymplify’s powerful search and intent tools, you will have access to the most comprehensive and compliant data lake AND be able to narrow the search to find the ideal candidate. Quality data with volume!

At Zymplify, we’re driven by data. Unify 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data into one powerful engine that churns out a live feed of prospects already in the mood to buy. The best part? Only reveal the contact information of prospects that you want to talk to and speed up the sales process.

Engage them in Meaningful Conversations

Speaking of conversations. With a list of potential prospects in place already at the consideration stage, it is time to tell them about you. Build branded emails, landing pages, autoresponders and web forms in Zymplify’s campaigns builder. Once created, launch these prospects off into their own predetermined automated journey, serving personalised content, determined by THEIR needs, wants and actions.

“Personalisation can increase revenue by 5-15% and marketing efficiency by 10-30%” (McKinsey)

Still questions on the ROI of our platform within your organisation? Just copy, paste and send to the CFO.

In a Twilio report, customers are deeming personalisation as a basic expectation with less than 50% of companies delivering a truly personalised one-to-many campaign. Fill your prospects inbox with personalised content and see engagement levels increase. That’s one KPI off the list. Better yet, score their engagement using our lead scoring tool and deliver qualified leads straight into the sales team pipeline. Job done for marketers.

Convert Seamlessly

44% of executives think their business is ineffective at managing their sales pipeline (CRM Insights). Of course they are, they’re spending all their time monitoring various spreadsheets, making tracking leads an impossible task. Effective sales pipelines allow sales professionals to:

1. Monitor the team’s progress

2. Forecast sales accurately

3. Pinpoint trends in deal conversion

4. Nurture leads through the sales process

At Zymplify we believe it’s time to bridge the divide between marketing and sales. Using journeys, send a lead straight to the sales pipeline automatically. Marketing and sales automation at its finest. Have full visibility of deals across the team, and pick up where your colleague has left off. No leads lying dormant in an inbox while Kevin is enjoying his well earned trip to the Canaries.

Once a lead enters the pipeline, nurture them with cadences. Evaluate which tactics are converting and create a template for others to follow. Congratulations, you’ve just successfully cloned your top sales executive.

Make Intelligent Decisions along the way

Steli Efti from Forbes believes that the most effective way to build a sales pipeline is in your favourite CRM system. Can you guess which CRM system is our favourite? Zymplify of course! Our built in CRM system holds the single source of truth for not only your clients, but also your sales and marketing performance.

Zymplify deepdives into your campaign performance with live reporting. Know exactly what channel and content is converting and maximise it to its fullest potential. Track live campaigns, A/B test that subject line, tweak that call to action and make adjustments as the campaign progresses. All of our Dashboards are fully customisable to only focus on the metrics that are important to you.

Are you ready to scale your business? Book a demo with one of our Zymplify experts will explain how you can accelerate your scale-up journey using our unified data, sales and marketing platform. 

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