Are Numerous Sales & Marketing Platform Subscriptions Slowing Down Your Business?

When the minutiae of sales and marketing admin become too much, it can feel tempting to offload processes on platform subscriptions with shiny promises to reduce your time spent on thankless tasks. 

But in reality, these subscriptions drain more of your time and resources by directing your attention to their maintenance and appraisal. 

Reports from your subscriptions aren’t necessarily in sync with the metrics of your business and you’ll find your time is spent mining for performance statistics that you can interpret to fit more in line with your own. 

In reality, this time-intensive process can lead to fewer converted sales and your revenue bears the brunt of the impact. 


If you feel the paint points of a process that’s become increasingly slowed down by the number of spinning cogs, then it’s time for an audit of how your subscription and software tools are serving your team.

How many tools are you using? Anything more than one tends to be too many.

Why? Well…

  • Are you indirectly duplicating work?
  • Are your systems interconnected? Are you able to feed the data from one source straight into the other, without manually inputting results into a third-party space?
  • Is your sales team spending time individually navigating subscription platforms searching for leads, only to return to internal documents and follow the paper trail?
  • Are you logging in and out of different systems to gather insights from each platform? For example: do you go from subscription A to get stats on your prospects, only to visit subscription B to get stats on total leads and then onwards to subscription C to find total sales?
  • Do your subscription platforms offer follow-up actions or do they leave the guess work up to you? Are you spending your time figuring out the conclusion on how to move forward?

Are your answers pointing to a system that’s more convoluted than accessible and more surface-level than going into the deeper, nitty-gritty of how and where you make more sales? 

If the answer is YES, then you need a system that curates your in-funnel benchmarks and feeds your content directly into the channels of your prospects. You need a system that frees up your time to work on the big-picture thinking of how you stay relevant and appealing to your potential customers. 

In other words – you need a system that works with you every step of the way. You need Zymplify.

From the offset, our platform scans your target regions to source compatible strangers who funnel directly into prospects, then our automated marketing tools nurture your prospects right down the buying funnel into quality leads that drop into your sales pipeline. 

How does Zymplify do this?

It’s myriad, multi-functional and – if you don’t mind us blowing our own trumpet – entirely innovative. We’ve reinvented the wheel (or funnel to be more exact).

Across one platform, we’ve automated prospecting, content delivery, multi-channel targeting, consistent lead scoring and sales activity management. We’ve even automated the nurturing of not-yet-ready deals, so you can remarket your leads and nudge them back into the funnel.

We deliver your engaging content – including gated content across landing pages targeted to the intended audience only – and inspire your prospects to journey further with strong website CTAs.

Most importantly, all your metrics and performance measures are kept in one space. We produce actionable insights and drivers, so all you need to do is provide content, set up your relevant personas and outline your buyer journey. Then sit back and watch your leads pipe directly into the hands of your reliable sales team who are left to do what they do best – close the deal!

We’re a machine so sophisticated, it thinks and acts exactly like you do. You don’t have to clone yourself. We already have.

Need to see it to believe it? Chat with our team today and get booked in for a free, no obligation, demo.


Get Real Leads Real Fast.

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